23 October 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 6 comments

Prayers Please

Please keep all good thoughts, prayers or what ever else going for all of those in Southern California. We have MANY friends and family who live there and my phone is constantly ringing with updates. You are all in our prayers!!! If ANYONE needs anything, we are here!


i just caught up on the news just now on it, about 300'000 evacuated and it has dstroyed over 1000 homes already.
Just terrible.

Scary stuff! Prayers and hopes that this situation improves and soon.

Keep smilin!

It is BAD. Even where we are, we are knee deep in smoke, ash and HEAT. Thanks for the prayers.

Unbelievable! They are in my prayers!

YOur awesome!! THanks for checking in on my blog. We think the cabin is OK-- at least we pray it is. Thanks for your prayers.

Christy :)

All the Cali. families affected by the fires are in our thoughts and prayers right now. I can't believe its affecting things that far north too. Scary!