21 August 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 - 10 comments


Forgive me Gym, for I have sinned. It has been at least 5 weeks since we last saw each other and I have no excuse. Please forgive me. In these last 5 weeks I have been tempted by things that no woman should be tempted by. Cookies, cakes, wine, beer. Yes, beer! I found out that if you put lime on the neck of a beer then cover it with hot sauce and salt, it is REALLY good! I've also been tempted by the computer. I have found out that it is evil! It sucks me in and I just can't walk away from it, there are these blogs that I MUST READ! The heat has also kept me from seeking you out, I long to sunbathe instead of be with you. What has happened to me.

Oh Gym, help me please. I have lost all faith in myself. I have lost the will to fight off the evil and go to you instead! I HAVE GAINED BACK 8 POUNDS!!!!!! I'm lost. I'm searching deep within to find the drive to come back to you and see you as regularly as I used to. I need your help.

Guide me to you.....


Wish I could help you on your wayward path but I broke it off with Gym long ago. I let his bro Ellipy in the house but I don't even ride him enough. So sad. ;0)

Oh, my! This is funny!!!

I just went back to the on Sunday, and I'm planning on going today. I've got to shape up these arms before they are bared in my strapless wedding gown. I hope I can stick with it!

Too bad we can't meet up at the gym and encourage one another. It's so much better when I have a buddy to work out with.

how honest!!! THanks for making me smile again

Oh I feel you sistah!! I gained 10 lbs back. ARGH!!!


I just found your blog. I've got type 1 diabetes and we've adopted from China. The first time was 11 years ago (gasp).

I wish you all the patience in the world. I know that the referral time has gotten a lot longer. But the results are worth the wait!

Oh how weird... I visited the gym for the first time in THREE months today! Other than being sore, the gym was forgiving :O)

I am pleading for the low carb foods to have mercy on me and take me back. Gym??? I used to date him way back when.

Oh I hear ya girl.....I'm hoping once school starts here in a week I can start some sort of new routine.....otherwise I'm afraid I may have to put the same song on my blog the CJ currently has on hers! lol

I was too emotionally drained to spin today. Will go break into the Milkbones for fibre now.
Who knew you were a nutritionist?

you're not from Rancho Cucamonga are you?