17 August 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007 - 6 comments

Catching Up

Last night I had the best catching up session with a dear friend! We talked on the phone for 2 hours!!! For me, I have just a handful of VERY close friends, these friends are people that I can talk to very little for periods of time, but when we do talk, the conversation picks up were we left it months ago. There is no awkward moments of silence. No lull in the conversation. It is as though we are sitting right next to each other and sharing a glass of wine and catching up. The funny thing about these friends is that they all live FAR away from me. There is no space between us.

****NOTE: This picture is HIDEOUS of me!!!! NEVER wear yellow when you are sunburnt! HOLY SHIT!! I can't believe I'm putting this out here!

In other news:

7th grade is a HIT! My sweet little boy who yesterday was still acting like a young boy, is now "trying" to act like he's a teen now. It's pretty funny. He LOVES junior high and thinks he's all that! I'm loving watching the changes.

Well tomorrow we get refingerprinted! JOY JOY JOY!!! ARGH! So NOT looking forward to this at all. I'm wanting our daughter and I'm READY for this wait to be done! I'm not going to go into emotional details because I don't want to face the fact of my true sadness!

Oh this is cool!!!! Mike has been building me a pantry! I've been wanting a walk in pantry since we bought this house and he's done it! I'll post pics when he's done.

Well I guess I don't have much to say. And anyway, who really reads my crap anyway.
It seems I have 15 Blogline followers, but don't get too many comments from them and I have dozens of hits on my blog everyday, but again...WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!!!!????

That was random!


you never cease to crack me up! LOL. you are just - so real. I love it.

Your Mike sure sounds like the handyman...I'm looking forward to seeing the pics. BTW, have we seen the pictures of the baby's room yet? I know you made bedding awhile back...

I am here!! : )

I am here too.

Drooling over the walk in pantry...want one!

I am happy to hear that 7th grade is a hit!

I love your ramblings so keep them coming.

Keep smilin!

I'm here too! :) Hee hee!

It's me....the freak from O-Hi-YER.

Hey, I turn that shade of red after the third mojito...go with it baby.