13 July 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007 - 8 comments


Last night while making dinner, Mike and I were talking in the kitchen and I heard footsteps coming from the hallway. As always I turned to the sound and was looking down at about belly button level, but was taken back to the point of tears. In walked this young man. I was looking at his belly button, not his eyes. (I always like to greet my children in the eyes when they come into a room.) I was so taken aback, I looked at Mike and he too had this look on his face of "where did the time go".

As both of us looked up to meet this persons eyes, we found ourselves staring straight into the eyes of our son, who in the last 3 weeks has grown in what seems like feet. As he spoke, the voice that came out was not that of a small child, but that of a boy in transition, a changing voice, from small to large, from unsure to confident. The smile that spread on his changing face was warm and welcoming, a smile every mother dreams of seeing, a smile that a young womans mother would want to see if her daughter was dating someone.

These changes in our son this summer have been profound. As I pack him up for a two week trip to my parents farm, I am hesitant to send him off. What changes am I going to see in him when we pick him up. It's like leaving your baby in daycare all day while you work, only to find out when you pick him up that you missed his first steps. What will I miss. The changes are coming so fast, I wasn't prepared for that. I thought changes happen this fast only when they are babies, but a teenager, no one told me that!

Time moves quickly, without stopping for you to catch up. You blink and you miss something. You stop and you'll never catch up. Where has the time gone in the last few months??


It is wonderful that you are able to look at the changes in life and realize how important it is to take it all in. More of us should do that.

Keep smilin!

I am all weepy now.

It's incredible how fast they change and grow. It's when you look back at pictures when you notice it the most!

Yes but it's great that you did notice it.
It's true time does go fast..enjoy and take in every moment.

You are a good Mommy! Jacob is just one of the sweetest kids I know!!

What a beautiful post!

Wow, thanks for the reminder that life moves fast, appreciate all things big and small! :)