17 July 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 - 13 comments


Have you noticed lately that when you ask someone how they are, their response is "busy". That was starting to come from my own mouth and I didn't like it. Busy. It sometimes feels like a way to make it better for that person because they haven't called in months. It's an excuse. "Gosh, I've been soooo busy!"

Why have we become so busy?
Are we too busy to check in with our friends and family?
What's worse, are we too busy to check in with ourselves?

I vow to stop using the busy excuse, right now, right here! "I've been so busy", will not be the first thing that comes out of my mouth when I see someone who asks how I've been. I do not want to make the other person feel avoided by my lack of patience for the time that is going by at mach speed and what I do to fill in the space of every second of the day, but not make time for them or others.

So go ahead and ask me how've I been! I dare you!!! But be prepared, the conversation may require you to talk back and NOT say you're so busy!


Ok, so how are you...what have you been up too?

Hi Elisa!

I've been good! Totally enjoying myself this summer and trying to keep track of all the fun stuff we have going on. How about you? How is Thomas? Did he have a fabulous time at his birthday party? I loved the gift you and Jarrod gave him, not a toy but something to make his mind work!!

Talk to you soon!

We do have a lot more going on during the summer than any other time of the year besides Christmas. But I'm loving it!
I'm glad that you are going to embrace your summer.

Thank you for visitning my blog. Yours is just beautiful. Your header is breathtaking...
This post is quite humbling... It comes down to priorities... I need to get mine in better order... I love the picture you posted with it... that is what life is all about... friendship and laughter...
God's Speed

Thanks for the compliments Daleea! I so enjoy the pictures of your beautiful kidos on your blog. Your daughter is just a sweetheart! Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment.

Have a great day!

Hi Kayce!

I know, I find myself "busy" lately. And I know, I should slow down and smell the roses. Thanks for the reminder! I'm having lunch with a friend of mine today and I vow not to say the "b" word. :)

Take Care!

Hi Kayce,

You know what I'm up to! :)

Hi Mardi,

I hope you have fun today with your friends! It's so important to take the time to reconnect and relax together sometimes! Have fun!

How is school going by the way?

Hi Steph,

Yes I know what your up to! But silly I must take the time to write back to you! Do you think that you can tell the bloggy world more about your time in the Gobi? I just love to read about it or actually listen to you talk about it. Hey when should we meet up again?


Hey RMJ,

Isn't it crazy how summer can be so jam packed with stuff to do? I had no idea when I planned our summer, that I'd over did it. But hey, we're having fun! Thanks for stopping by!



We should meet up when you get back from Oregon. Date?

Geez I guess I can't say I have been crazy busy????
Even though I have!!
How come we have waited two long years in this wait and the last week is total craziness, not totally sure how I am going to get everything done in time.

Anway Thomas is great and very excited about going...every time we get in the car he says...ok...I we going to China now?

Just read you post about you and your step daughter, I have a close friend that is going through the same thing. It had driven her to anti-depressants to deal with being hated every day.

I am sending you big hugs, you are dealing with it great..you also wrote that at some point it will change..and it will.

Is your husband supportive to you and your feelings or he just going through the same thing as you...if this is personal and you don't want to anwser..you don't have to.
Hugs, Elisa.x

You are so right. I find myself saying I've been busy because I just don't want to say that the wait sucks and I don't know when I'm getting my baby!!!! Lame excuse I am trying to change. What I am going to say now is that I am busy trying to get all the "I owe" a thousand phone calls and visits in before baby. I am also looking forward to cooler weather, so I can get started painting the baby's room. Thanks for the reminder.