17 July 2007

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Second choice is sometimes the best choice

So this last weekend we drove to Mt. Shasta to meet my dad so he could take Jacob to his place in Oregon. We had an uneventful drive and enjoyed listening to music and talking the entire 5 hour drive, which is nice with teenagers.

A few days before we left I made reservations for all of us at
  • this hotel
  • Looks nice yeah? Well we pull off the highway and drive up to the hotel, we all about died. Bates Motel looked better than this place, we quickly drove off in search of a new place to rest our heads for the night. While looking I called the before mentioned roach hotel and said we couldn't make it unfortunately and to please cancel our reservation. OH BOY was the guy pissed at me!! He said he'd been turning away people all day and that they were completely booked and he would have to charge me the full price for the two rooms we reserved. Okay folks, the place was literally empty and weeds were covering the doors to the rooms. The pool was empty and there was not a single car in the parking lot, yeah I'm sure that guy was turning people away left and right. Needless to say we found a wonderful hotel that had a full pool, not a weed in sight and was MUCH cheaper and 1000 times nicer.

    Second choice number 2
    So now it's time to find some dinner for our little group. There are many choices right next to the hotel, one Italian the other Chinese, we all decided Italian although I secretly wanted Chinese. Well we all get ready and Holly come out in her PJ's and says she's ready to go. NOT!!!!!! But the rest of us are in tanks and shorts and we notice that the folks going into the restaurnt are pretty dressed up, so now we must find a second choice. NOT AGAIN!!! After we convince Holly that she CAN NOT go to dinner in her PJ's we pile into the car in search of some dinner. FINALLY we stumble upon another Italian place that looks okay. Let me tell you, it was the best damn food I've ever had!!! All of us cleaned our plates and wanted more. The atmosphere was great, our waitress gave us a history lesson on Mt. Shasta, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. GREAT second choice AGAIN!

    Second choice number 3
    Well we all slept like babies in our second choice hotel after eating at our second choice restaurant. Morning brought hot weather and hungry tummies and now we are off to a restaurant we all decided the night before to eat breakfast at. We arrive to find a 45 minute wait and what looks like Denny's style food. UMMMMM I think we must find a second choice! Well on the way to that restaurant I saw a sweet little place that looked like someones house with outdoor seating and a cottage feel. We pile back in the car and head back the way we came and finally landed at Lily's. Needless to say our second choice for breakfast was so phenomenal that we couldn't believe our second chance luck!!!! Again, great atmosphere and wonderful service and oh yeah INCREDIBLE food!

    So the moral of the story.....

    Don't alway second guess yourself and second chances are sometimes the best choice.

    Okay yeah I know I just completely rambled about almost nothing! I'm outa here....Off to enjoy another fab day at the beach!