27 April 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007 - 9 comments

What being a mother is to me

Today is my grandmothers birthday.

She is my biggest roll model and my biggest inspiration.

My grandma raised 7 children with grace, love and passion. When I think of what I should do in a mothering situation, I think of what my grandma would have done. My grandfather was in the Army National Guard and was away in foreign lands for a lot of their beginning. During his deployments, my grandmother was the single mom, the only caregiver. She had my mom first then proceeded to have 6 boys, with one set of twins during the next 11 years.

Grandmas views on life are profound and facinating, she is constantly looking for more information, always wanting to learn. She inspires me to seek the truth and continue to learn. She has always led her life the way she wants to lead it, she doesn't give a damn what others think. I love that the most! I have always tried to live my life that way, and let me tell you it is hard!! But I tell myself when it gets hard, if grandma can do it, so can I.

Something I've come to respect the most from my grandma is her beleifes in passion and love. While in her home, if you are not married you do not sleep in the same bed or in the same room. I never quite understood that until I married Mike. I've come to the understanding that if you ruin the passion and love before marriage, then what is left when you say I do. Grandma has only been with one man her entire life. A man that was a complete opposite of her. A man who was difficult at times, but what man isn't. A man who had a carrer in the military and was gone when she raised her young children. But she never stopped loving him, ever. Her love was passionate. I always told myself that I didn't think I could instill that rule in my home when my kids were in a serious relationship. Now, I know I could. What my grandma gave me was a sense of pride in myself. A feeling of longing for the man I loved, and most of all respect for him as well.

Today my grandma is surrounded by the love of her children and grandchildren. I can only pray that my children love me with the same passion as hers do when I am 78 years old. Her love for her children is still as passionate today as it was when she brought each one into this world. She is the ultimate mama bear and will do anything to see smiles on her childrens faces. She has also experinced the worst loss a mother could ever have, the loss of two of her children. But she has pushed through and has kept my uncles spirits alive. And again she has done it with grace. I admire that grace and passion so much!

As for her love for her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Well all 27 of us know we are so loved by her. She may not be the type of grandmother who sits and reads you a story, or takes you to the park once a week, bake you cookies and all that gooey stuff, but she is the type of grandmother who will show you how to raise your children with passion for life, teach you to have the utmost respect for yourself and will always be there for you. Always.

Happy birthday grandma! I love you!!


Happy Birthday to your grandma..she sounds like a wonderful woman.

I love this post. Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!!

Happy Birthday to a dynamite lady!

She has wonderful qualities that we can all aspire to have in ourselves.

Keep smilin!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! She sounds like a great lady!! Nice pictures,looks like such a nice family too!

Happy birthday to your grandma!

She sounds like one amazing woman and we could all take a lesson or two from her!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday to your Grandmother.

You are blessed! My grandmother was the one person I looked up to growing up, she was much like yours. She instilled in me a sense of faith, as she shared hers and carried it out in her life. I miss my grandma!!!

Happy Birthday to Grandma. I really like her pink sweater.