28 April 2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007 - 7 comments

More inspiration

Three friends of mine are running a marathon tomorrow and I am so proud of them! None of them have ever done anything like this before and
  • Big Sur International Marathon
  • it is a doosey! Good luck girls!! You inspire me to try more....

    What is an inspiration?…

    Three strong women
    Whom I’m so blessed to know
    Each have made an impact
    Not only to me
    Not just to others
    But to themselves as well.

    Three strong women
    Make sacrifices everyday
    To make a difference
    In the lives of people they know.

    Three strong women
    You’ve trained so well
    You’ve all had different goals
    To loose weight
    To make a change
    To become healthy.

    Three strong women
    Set out on Sunday
    April 29 2007
    To accomplish something
    Neither has done before
    Not to win
    Not for charity
    Not for others
    But just for themselves.

    Three strong women
    Inspire me to go harder
    Inspire me to be beautiful
    Inspire me to try more
    Inspire me to make it happen
    Inspire .

    Kayce Wilkinson


    That is awesome!

    Keep smilin!

    Great poem!

    I hope the marathon went well!! That photo is amazing.

    They are running as I write! Go Girls!!!

    That is awesome!

    We used to live in that area, and your pic made me miss it!

    Great poem...inspirational itself.

    I love that Kayce!