23 March 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007 - 7 comments

Friends that move on and leave you behind.

So I've been struggling with this post for a while.

****edited to remove the sorry(ass)ness for myself."

Why do friendships end? Why do some friendships last a lifetime? For me the common denominator is the letter "S". My VERY near and dear friends all have a name that starts with "S". NO JOKE! The "S" friends go from a friendship of 35 years, a sister and we're not even related, a neighbor who is now 5000 miles away from me, a new friend found through adoption, and a friend that is a constant. These are my "S" friends. They have moved on, but they took me with them or vice versa. It is SOLID our friendship. But the other letters of the alphabet have moved on.

Friendship is a weird weird thing!


I'm sorry for your loss--you "sound" melancholy. I've been bad about keeping in touch with some of my friends in California, I hope to reconnect this summer. But yes, friendship is a weird, weird thing! :)

We were not near you over spring break. We were in the Palisades (where we have our 2nd home) and then in the desert (where my brother lives and also my parents have a 2nd home). If I ever make it up to Northern Cal, I'll have to give you a call (or a comment! lol).

Have a great weekend! Oh, I have a tattoo on my back shoulder and hate it! My husband loves it and won't let me get it taken off. It's tiny---size of a quarter and I mostly forget I have it but still, I wish I could remove it. Yours is much prettier than mine!

Hey there Kayce,

You know how I feel about your post! So on that note..w/o many words, I understand what you are going through. I know I know I know. ..and on a happy note, this "S" is here to stay! :)

Chin up friend. ...and a giant cyber hug to you!

I have been there! I was just thinking about one former friend in particular a few days again. She just stopped being my friend about three years ago after about 15 years of friendship. I don't understand it, and it hurt for a long while. But I think I've come to a place of acceptance now.

I'm sorry you have been feeling down. ((hugs))

I hope you find a new letter to add to your collection. There are some great ones out there. You werer always good at reaching out and welcoming people into your world. I bet you still have that gift.

Oh Allison....you are so wonderful! I'm just feeling sorry for myself! What an ass I am! I do have an alphabet of friends, it's just that one that you think is and really isn't.
Thank you....

Sorry for your tough time right now.


That's funny SMardi, we all have to change our name now! Hope you are feeling better Kayce.