28 August 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 4 comments

Live-Laugh-Love with friends!

There is nothing better than spending a weekend with good friends!  This last weekend Auntie Kim and her wonderful beau, Ron came to visit and enjoy a little beach time.  We had wayyyyy too much fun!  From long beach walks in the fog to late nights talking about everything.  Someday it will be nice when they are near enough to come for dinner or to meet up for an afternoon of fun.  These two beautiful souls are such treasures to our family!  God has blessed us beyond measure and I'm so thankful!

Of course did I grab my camera on the way out the door anytime we went somewhere...no.  So the weekend was captured with my phone.  Oh well!  The memories will remain vivid though and that's all that matters.  :)  We had a fabulous time playing in the sand....A day at the aquarium...A Boardwalk concert to see Eddie Money (don't need to see that again!), a late night sushi night and an afternoon exploring the future.  Fun times!


I love the jellyfish display picture! We have a cool new jellyfish display at our zoo, too!


It looks like you had a fun weekend with Kim!

Love you guys and LOVED our weekend with you ... you are a treasure to us... can't wait to just come over whenever...
HUGZ... thank you for EVERYTHING