25 May 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012 - 5 comments

All three and them some!

Our sweet girl had her three year well baby check up on Monday!  I'm still in awe that she's three already!  And as for her being a baby...ummmm no not her!  She is all big girl if you ask her and oh yes that's a pretty true statement!  Oh my where oh where has my baby girl gone!

At three years old our sprout is 36 inches tall and is 29.2 pounds!  25th percentile!!  :)  Amazing to think that just a little over two years ago she barely weighed 11 pounds!  Helping her grow is her fabulous appatite!  She loves her veggies and just the other night showed us how to eat fava beans!  She loves shrimp like it's chocolate and starts every day with an egg and some toast.  She's pretty fond of salads too and tells me she loves prunes too!  Makes me laugh every time!

Her love of reading hasn't stopped in the least!  The other day I pulled a bunch of reader books out of a box that I've been saving for her and she quickly took them into her room and sat and enjoyed them for at least an hour!  I think we're getting ready to sit down every night and read a little bit of "Little House" soon...a dream of mine!  Besides her love of books, she also has a love of playing school, singing, taking pictures and playing Candyland...over and over and over!  LOL!

One of the things that's really started to change with my girl is her desire to pick out her clothes and get herself dressed.  It seriously has become something she just beams at doing when I tell her to go get dressed.  She just cracks me up!  She does pretty well at getting everything on correctly and picks a hair bow every time then will proudly come in to show me.  Too cute!  When we started potty training I told her about getting her panties on right by telling her the tags go on the floor or on her back and she is serious about that!  She'll sit down on the ground to get dressed and I can hear her in her room saying, "tags on the ground" or "uh oh! My tag is not on my back, gotta fix that!"  More cuteness!  She's a little fashionista that's for sure!!!

In other milestones, she is using 10-14 word sentences and is working hard on making sure her pronunciation is right...she gets so frustrated if you don't understand her.  She is doing really well on letter recognition and knows the A, B, C, O, J, V and the Z.  We're working on counting to 10 but she'll stop at 8 and go straight to 18.  Her art skills are starting to come out and when drawing she just started making actual pictures...I was a receipient of one of her first masterpieces that she gave me for Mother's Day....OH WHAT A TREASURE!  :)  We've all got our hairbows on!  LOL!!  Now each time she sits down to color her pictures always have little round people wearing hairbows and they are just getting cuter and cuter!

And most of all this little sweet thing is just coming more and more into her own!  She is FULL of additude and has no problem telling anyone how it is.  She is as smart as can be and uses that to her advantage and we love it!  She's so adventuresome and loving too.  She will tell anyone hi and who her mommy and daddy are.  She's enamored by her big brother still and follows he and his friends around like a lost puppy and off of the big kids love it and love her so much.  She's a treasure to so many!  And I am always reminded that God is GOOD when I look into her soulful eyes!


OMW.... I dooo know what a treasure Ms. Jenny is... she is a HUGE one to us here in Az...
Love that smile and reading books amazes me ..
Happy 3 year check up Sweetgirl..
Miss you tons and love you tons...
Auntie Kim, Uncle Ron and KyLee...

....that's my girl! xoxox,m

Too cute for words and what a little smartie! Don't you just love how our kids are growing, changing and their personalities emerging! Cannot wait to see them together again in July!

Little sweetie!! Love the age of 3, it is so fun (and funny). The tag story cracks me up.

Wow! That picture of the books/bookcase looks so much like Meighan's! Hmm... I wonder if she'd also like "Little House" books. That's something to think about!