01 June 2012

Friday, June 01, 2012 - 5 comments

A sharpie, some tape, a plan and a gift!

Well here we are counting down the days until the deadline to move and I'm a walking list.  I've got my arsenal at my side and am quickly becoming a pro at tagging up boxes with my handy dandy sharpie!   All the while things are being packed up and the useless and dusty things are being donated to those who could use it more than we've touched it in the last 10 years.  I think our moving pile might actually be smaller than our give away pile!  This is kinda freeing!

I find my days now are more prayer based than ever before.  Actually I think I'm just having this ongoing conversation with God right now.  I don't always hear Him in return but I'm in constant chat with Him right now.  I go to a cupboard to see what awaits me to sort through and I question my desire to keep anything that I see.  Most of the time I toss it into the Goodwill pile and move forward.  The load on my shoulders just keeps getting lighter and lighter.

We signed the lease last night on a sweet place and my lists have now multiplied and my mind is beginning to see the end of this part of our lives.  Not only the end of our life in this home but the end of this emotional roller coaster we've been on for what feels like a lifetime.  The next chapter is unknown but it will be good I know.  It will be good because we have learned lessons that we didn't know we needed to learn.  It will be good because my attitude before is not the attitude I have today.  It will be good because we made it through this valley of our lives as a family that is more connected than before.

It will be good.

When God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil - this is a gift from God.  - Ecclesiastes 5:19


Love you and can't wait to come and visit you in your new home..
Love the photo lastnight .... not sure how I will deal with not texting..

So much good stuff going on! I love purging! Around here they also have thrift stores called, 'Bibles for Missions.' I donate our stuff there and all the money the make purchases Bibles overseas. A win-win-win situation!!

YES, it will!

love to you.


So beautiful my friend. All that I can think is that there is something more wonderful in store for you. :)