06 April 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012 - 3 comments

The word of the Lord is all around us

Today we got started early once again and headed out to Irvine to visit Concordia University.  The Irvine campus is one of ten campuses in the US which was a big point for Jacob who thought it would be cool to spend a year at another campus doing his studies.  The campus was tucked away in a small community on the outskirts of town.  While the campus was empty of students who are on spring break, it was still busy with activity.  

 The tour was great and we got to spend some time in a classroom which was a first on this trip.  This school was a nice change in the other campuses since it had a few different values and style.  The kids all decided this was not the school for them and they were happy to finally go somewhere that they did not like.  I think it made them really appreciate what they are looking for and what will work for them and their futures.

Once on the road again we headed to Biola University where the kids know many students and have been VERY excited about setting foot on.  We were not disappointed at all!  This campus is just stunning and everywhere you look the Lord is there...from the 40 foot painting of Jesus handing you the Bible to scripture on the walls of buildings both inside and out.  The grounds were an oasis of beauty and God's love.  Jacob's mentor gave us a personal tour of the school and filled the kids with fabulous information to take home.  It was hard to leave when it came time to say goodbye because the school was so welcoming, warm and comfortable...like a favorite blanket.   Back in the car the rating was a solid 9.5 on a scale from 1-10....the highest so far of all the schools and with good reasoning.  Besides attaining your major degree, all students will come away with a bible minor and that was a big selling point for all of them.  :)

Our little sprout has been such a trooper on this trip and has no meltdowns or toddler panic attacks which has been a God send!  At Biola she brought huge smiles to new and old friends and in the above picture she brought tears to a woman who'd worked in an orphanage in China last year.  It was a sweet moment to capture.  God is good!!

Tomorrow we are off to Vanguard University and Azusa Pacific which we missed on Monday....to be continued!


WOW!! I am amazed at the number of Christian colleges and universities that are available to your kids. That just doesn't happen here and oh how I wish it did!!!

Praying each of the kiddos with you (including the little) someday know the exact school God has planned for them to attend!

....oxoxoxo! m.....tomorrow is Saturday and all of you will be home, full of wonderful stories and fabulous adventures....much love and safe-keeping....xoxoxo! m

Great schools, both! I got my teaching credential at Concordia, and my niece is a sophomore there. She's majoring in History and Poli Sci. If I were getting a kid ready for college, though, Biola would be my choice.