06 April 2012

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Your story matters....

Today was our last day of touring campuses and we woke up exhausted!  I made the executive decision to forgo our morning tour of California State University Fullerton and let the kids all sleep in and they were happppy to see they'd gotten an extra few hours of coveted sleep.  Once we got up and out the door we headed for Vanguard University in Costa Mesa.  While the campus was closed for the Easter break, we were still able to meet up with a friend of the kids who was still in town and he gave us a great tour of his school.    The campus was very sweet and pretty small yet perfect.

We continued on from Vanguard and wandered through Newport Beach and Balboa Island for some sight seeing and then jumped in line for afternoon traffic before heading to Azusa Pacific University and dinner with Jacob's grandparents.  The school was closed and pretty much empty of kids because of Easter but plans are in the works to head back there for a weekend visit.  The campus was beautiful and we really want to explore it with a guide and talk to a counselor.  All these photos were taken by Jacob...I really loved downloading these and seeing what caught his eye.  :)

Tomorrow we head home and I'm pretty sure we are all ready!  It has been an incredibly blessed week and the Lord has really blessed us in so many ways.  When we started our adventure last Sunday these kids had no idea what lay ahead for them and today they have plans formulated.  They each have different ideas of what they want to do and where they want to go and none of them really want to go to the same school if they had to choose from the ones we saw.  There is no longer darkness for their future but a very bright light and now it is their turn to let it grow brighter.  I told each one I expect a sticker that says, "(campus name)Mom!" for the back of my car someday and they said "most definitely!"  I also learned so much about myself and saw God's work in action in all of us.  What a blessing for all of us!   While God already knows the story of each of these amazing kids, we get the privilege to watch it all unfold....I can not wait!  Each one of you, D, A, S and Jacob are treasures to me and thank you for a great week filled with great memories!  I love you all!  

PS - My favorite part of today was taking you all up to the top of Day Creek to look at the valley all aglow from the city lights...you were all in awe and amazed at what you saw below you...I'm sure of it that the Lord is just as in awe of you now....keep being the awesome kids you are!