15 April 2012

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Storytelling of your birthday

Tonight my sweet daughter you asked me to tell you a story and as always I started off with "once upon a time....".  As always there is a beautiful princess...you.  Tonight though was a little bit different.  Tonight I told you a story of a young woman who is very close to you.  A woman who held you very close before I held you forever.  And like always you stared into my eyes to listen to the words I weaved together come out to be heard by your ears.

...Three years ago tonight a beautiful young woman rested her hand on her swollen belly and felt you move within.  She held on tight to the promise to make your world right even though she'd struggle with her choice for the rest of her life.  As you rolled and kicked inside, she let a lone tear roll down her cheek telling herself that God had a plan for her baby and for that she was glad.  She lay awake thinking of all the possibilities your life could hold and finally fell fast asleep with a smile on her face.

The following day as she went about her work, she listened quietly to the hum around her and felt her body begin it's natural path towards your birth.  Again her fears of your future were quieted by the voice inside reminding her of His plan.  She quietly worked the rest of the day with a slow pain inside her growing stronger and another pain in her heart rooting itself.  She prayed.  He again reassured her of what was to come.  As night fell the little baby inside her was making it's way into this unknown world.  While the baby's life had already been planned well before she arrived, she was innocent to it's plans.  The young woman labored through the night and into the next day, all the while praying and asking God to assure her heart.  He did.  

Across the ocean I was beginning to celebrate my own birthday with friends and family.  The weekend was bright and beautiful.  There were ladybugs fluttering around everywhere I went.  I thought several times about the little girl, you, that I longed for but felt a peace within me about her arrival.  You were talked about many times...I wondered if you were born yet.  I prayed that you were warm if you'd already arrived.  I asked God to quiet my fears and to be with you and your birth mommy and give you both comfort.  I focused on the peace within me and prayed for you...wherever you were.

While I celebrated my own birthday and heard my loved ones singing me happy birthday, you slipped into this world on a rainy afternoon in China.  Your birth mommy's arms held you close to her chest as she breathed in your sweet scent.  She quietly whispered a prayer into your ear..."Dear God, Thank you for this life".  She filled you with your first love and told you that God had great plans for you...one's she could not make happen without the help of me, your mommy, your daddy and God.  She smiled over you and knew that what was in store was grand and mighty.  She knew.  She still knows how special you are and that God is watching over you.  She rests her own heart where you are deeply rooted, in the hands of God...who had a plan for you all along.

My sweet daughter...you are my dream and my treasure.  You grow deep in my soul and my heart swells with your roots more and more each hour.  You've changed my world profoundly!  I pray for your birth mommy every day and give thanks to God every night for her.  The days ahead are always bittersweet for me...I celebrate my own life and I think about the life your birthmother gave to me as a gift on my birthday three years ago.  I can not imagine her prayers as she remembers back to the days leading up to your own birth but I do hope she is filled with a peace God has given her that you are the happiest and most beautiful little girl in all the land!   You are loved by two...a woman we will always talk about, your birth mommy, the one who brought you life and me your forever mommy who treasures you more than you will ever know!   I am so blessed to share a birthday with you and I can not wait for our day together on Tuesday!!  It will be filled with surprises, love and memories!

I love you my sweet sprout!  I love you!!

Your Forever Mommy


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That was perfect and so from the heart. I always am thinking subconciously how I am going to explain to our sweet girl who is 2her story. God so looked out after our girls. I know that he will give he me the right words.
Thanks for sharing this special moment!!

....the most beautiful post ever....happy birthday tomorrow to my beautiful daughter and my beautiful granddaughter...xoxoxo,m

What a sweet, sweet story!

I had forgotten it was your birthday, too. Happy Birthday to both you and Cricket!


Happy Birthday Sweet Jenny...
Wish I could have been there.. but I am there in spirit...

Happy birthday sweet Cricket and to your amazing Mommy too! We love both of you! Have a wonderful day celebrating together!

Beautiful, beautiful story!

Love, Catherine and Hannah xoxo

Happy Birthday to you both! Love these photos of your beautiful daughter, Wen