17 April 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 9 comments

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess!

You're THREE today!!!!  Yippy!!  The adventures ahead of you this year are sure to be grand and the growth not only in your size but in your whole being will be awesome to watch.  Mommy and daddy are so proud of you and can't imagine life without you in it...you keep us on our toes and you love to watch us spin in circles trying to keep up with you.  You are the sunshine in our lives along with your bubba and sissy.  You make us smile every morning even when we've had just a handful of hours to sleep.  You've changed the world for not only us but for SO many who've been brought into your life.  You're an inspiration to a generation.  And oh goodness you  just melt my heart!

As of today you are now 36.5 inches tall and weigh 28.6 pounds!  It seems every time I turn around you're turning on lights and turning the microwave on but I think what makes you happiest is when you can reach the handles in a bathroom sink!  You are a big girl and will tell anyone who says you're a cute little girl...ummmm, "NO I'm a big girl!" is your retort.  You can do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G yourself and don't tell you you can't because (like me) you'll figure out a way to do.  :)  Hummmm, I wonder where you learned that from??

Happy Birthday my sweet daughter!  You are the best gift I could have ever asked for for my own birthday today and it just tickles me to share the day with you.  Let's go spend the day being hand in hand and making a memory of today for us to share tomorrow.  I love you and treasure every bit about you! 


....my beautiful Daughter and my beautiful Granddaughter....happy
40th and happy 3rd birthdays!!! You are both loved and treasured by me! xoxoxo, m

She's so sweet!! Happy Birthday to Jenny...what a great age!! I'm guessing her favorite place is Disney? :)

Happy birthday sweetheart!! You bring so much joy to everyone who knows you.

(And mama, those are GORGEOUS photos. LOVE them.)

Happy, Happy birthday to you girls! What a special gift to share this day!!! Love how you captured what she loves @ 3Yrs on the chalkboard. BTW, I giggled at her falling asleep at the dinner table while on your college tour. Have a blessed day

Happy 3rd Birthday My Sweet Jenny.... Love you to the moon and back and you are soooo BEAUTIFUL....
Wish I was there to give you a big ole hug.. .Love ya. enjoy your special day with Mommy

Happy Birthday to you both! The day she was born was the day we came home with our daughter! I was actually just thinking about that the other day and thought I'd better check your blog for your beautiful pictures! I wasn't disappointed!


What a sweet girl! That video she reminds me so much of Chloe, we will have to meet sometime and get the girls together.
Gorgeous pictures of your beautiful girl!
Happy Birthdays!

Oh wow! What a treasure that video is! So precious and it' fun to both see and hear your sweet Cricket in action.

Happy birthday to both of you amazing 3yo's! ;o)

WOW! How she is growing. Her hair is so long and beautiful! What a treasure. I love your pics an dhow you celebrate and appreciate each moment. Happy birthday Little Sprout!