09 April 2012

Monday, April 09, 2012 - 3 comments

In a nutshell

Well we did it!  We managed to get eight great colleges in and only one small emergency in between.  But I wouldn't change a thing at all and I'd do all over again for these kids or any others who wanted the experience!  Oh and I also posted our final tour day which I posted on 4/6/12 to stay in order even though I am wayyyy behind!  LOL!!

If I had to give any advice for anyone who's thinking of doing this for their children someday, I have a few bits of knowledge....

Don't expect anything.  ANYTHING!  I went into this with no expectations and literally gave it to God to manage...It's His plan anyway right?

Be ready for anything!  I was so glad I'd thought to ask for medical releases as we were packing up the car the night before take off.  Our surprise ER trip would have been a lot different if I didn't have all the information on "A".   And with a little bump like that in our trip, we had to rearrange things up for the remainder of the week and we didn't make it to all the schools we'd planned on...but I had no expectations and it was all for the better.

Be patient!  Oh goodness!  If it's just you and your child that's one thing but if you choose to bring a group of friends...ask the good Lord to fill you up on all the patience He can give you!  You'll need it!  You'll also need it while sitting in traffic or trying to navigate through areas where you are not familiar with.

Allow plenty of time to get from point A to point B.  Yes you will get lost no matter if you've been there before and you will make MANY U-turns.

Ask LOTS of questions!  By the time you're done with the tour...so is your tour guide.

Set up meetings with guidance counselors.  I'd only set up two meetings after the tours and the kids ATE THEM UP!  Those were the schools that they loved the most!  They got down and dirty and got all the gritty questions answered.  I loved just sitting back and seeing these young adults plan their college careers on their own.

Be prepared with lots of kleenex.  You will cry.  I promise.

Eat at every campus in the cafeteria!  It's a free meal and each campus is very competitive on who's the best!  And you may just be eating at the table your child will be eating at for four or more years!

Most of all....have FUN and be open minded!  It's not your future but your kids...let them led and I promise you'll follow!

And finally....be prepared for this...man, woman or child you will pass out at some point.


Poor Jenny.... she is tukered out....
Sounds like an amazing time..
Love you and missed you tons..

....just the beginning! xoxoxox,m

Oh my goodness, that video is precious!