07 April 2012

Saturday, April 07, 2012 - 1 comment

And today you're 17.

I am speechless to write this.  What has happened to the last 17 years?  Seriously.  Poof!  They have flashed by in a heart beat.  And as I sit here and stare at the screen thinking of all the birthdays of the past and all that has gone on in the last 17 years of your life, I am brought to tears to think that this is the last year of me being solely in charge of your life.  Next year at this time you will be an adult and can make your own choices.  This year is a treasure to me unlike any year before.

There have been moments over the last 17 years where I have been filled with pure joy and others where I have felt like the worst mom in the world.  You've made me a better mom.  You've given me reason to change my life.  You've grown into a person who I wished I could have been when I was your age.  You have made the tough choices I've had to make as a parent easier to make.  And while you push my buttons, you've only made me work harder to make your life stronger.

I hope that the year ahead is filled with wonder for you Jacob.  This is an truly amazing time in your life!  At this very moment we are heading home from a six day trip where we've walked the halls and lawns of universities all over Southern California.  You are going places...big adventures are within your grasp now where as a few years ago these adventures you never even thought of.  You just got your first job!  And now you'll spend the entire summer away from home, pretty much living the ultimate dream!  I can only imagine what will transpire in you while you're gone.  You'll finally get your license in May 15th!  I know you're ready not only to drive but to get rid of me telling you how to turn on your turn signal.  I'm proud of you that you chose to wait a year to drive...it's paid off.  You start your senior year in high school just a few days after you come home from your job....that leaves me in tears.  Like I said, the adventures that lie ahead of you in this next year will forever be imprinted in your mind and heart.  Make the most of each minute!

And finally I wanted to make sure to memorialize all that is your life today and then next year we'll watch this video and do another one and see all the changes you've gone through during your 17th year.

Happy Birthday my little bubs.  You make me proud and fill me with joy by being my son.
I love you more than all the anchovies in the seas...


....fabulous interview....fabulous Mom and fabulous Son/Grandson!!! Happy Birthday my Jacob! xoxox,m