23 March 2012

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I've been absent lately...from so much.  Much more than just writing down a few events and milestones on my blog.  I have over loaded my life with so much that I've turned into this little robot that functions through the day and depends on the calendar to tell me what to do.  Ugg!   Things aren't all bad though...I'm not wandering around life trying to keep it together, well not all of the time, but life is good.  Just too busy.  Overwhelming.  Like not able to make sure I have no spelling errors in my post busy.  Fall asleep while you're reading tired!  So crazy that all but one of these pictures was taken with my iPhone!  But all good!  Life is good!

The last few weeks have been filled with fun, family and friends.  We've had a few family game nights where we've shared a meal, played a new game called Quirkle, and got to listen to stories of adventure from my niece Rachel who just returned from schooling in Spain.  Good times!  Our big girl, Holly came for a weekend and we jammed those few days with so much sharing, talking and fun including watching Big J perform at a mock rock show (gotta see the video below!) at our church and being a part of her getting her first tattoo...oh goodness our big kids are growing up!!  The once little girl who spun me for a few years is now gearing up for a new adventure working for the forest service fighting fires across the nation and recently moved out on her own.  The last week I've been overwhelmed with pride at what an amazing young woman my step-daughter has become...she is just amazing to me!  Amazing!  I am so proud of you Holly!

Between all the busyness of entertaining family and friends, I've been up to my forehead in lists and notes and computer searches and planning.   The next month is overflowing with stuff and the first on the list is a seven day college touring adventure in Southern California...seven days 10 colleges, four teenagers, and a toddler.  Yup you read that right.  I am crazy.  BUT I am SO excited to be able to do this for the kids and be apart of the planning for their futures!  I'm also determined to journal the entire adventure!   These kids inspire me and fill me with such joy and make me laugh like no other!  Just check out Big J and his brother from another mother in that video!...Yeah, our week together should be nothing short of entertaining!  While we are on our adventure my boy will be turing 17 and I'll be working on not crying the entire way home!   Where in the world has the last 17 years gone??!!??

Besides planning for the college trip, we're also gearing up for Miss J's 3rd birthday party and a long over due family reunion which each take place the weekends following Easter.  Did I mention I have lists??  I tried to back out of a birthday party for my littlest sprout but when I mentioned it the girl melted down and said she really wanted a party.  Oye!  What have I created!!  :)  Little miss has seriously been blossoming into being three lately and it's um....daunting!  The 'tude is BIG.  Real big!  I was hoping that little J's  three was going to be a little bit more mellow than Big J's three but it's not looking that way.  At ALL!  I've come to the realization that all that will be coming out of my mouth for this season will be scripture and a lot of prayers.  God help me now!

So in the midst of my overwhelming weeks ahead and taking on too much, I was reminded the other day  on a walk to stop for a few minutes and just look up.  I've been so consumed with looking down lately that I've forgotten to look to what it's really all about...my daily time with the Lord has been cast aside and I've found myself being cranky and all consuming on everything else.

While I am pushing myself by doing too much, I have to remember not forget the blessings in my life.  Those blessings include the most incredibly supportive husband who I love so much, a huge group of teenagers who are willing to sit in a car with me for not only a long drive but DAYS of driving, walking college campuses, and staying in hotel rooms...all with this crazy mom, a grown up daughter who has inspired me to keep trying to achieve all my dreams even in my increasing age and then there's my little sprout who just keeps adding to my lists with her scribbles and makes me take a break from those lists to serve me tea.  Ahhhh life is good...God is better! 


You are a busy gal no doubt... Love the photos... but I still didnt get to see the new tattoo....
Love you all and miss you soooo much...
I need to blog bad.. .trying to get the right photos..
Give Big J a hug and Little J a hug and kiss and you and Mike bigger hugs... you are amazing parents..
love you my friend..

3rd birthday already?? College and tattoos? wow, life goes by fast. So glad you all are well. as always love to catch up with your posts.



Busy times but spent with those you love makes them wonderful busy times!

3...sniff! Already?? How has this time passed so quickly?

Have a great school tour with the kiddos. You're an awesome mom!

You have a lot going on! That video was awesome!