31 January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 9 comments

Happy Family Day!

Our dearest Jennifer...

You are more than a treasure to us, you are a light in our lives.  You have brought us so much joy in these last two years it's hard to imagine that you were never here!  Your smile fills up our house with sunshine.  Your laughter is like music to my ears.  You make the most of every second of the day...every single one!  The way you take the world on with full vigor is inspirational to me.   I never could have imagined that I would want the day to last forever just so we could spend time together.  But I do and it's because of you that my world is a happier place.  

Never will I forget the moments on that rainy day leading up to you being placed in my arms...We were walking out of the hotel lobby and I saw you walking in.  It was a quick glance over and I just knew that it was you.  I couldn't stop our guide Mary to tell her you were right there, as it was understood we would be getting you from the building across the street.   Of course you were not there.  As we waited, patiently it seemed, I was nervous.  I was worried.  I wanted you to be in my arms and be safe.   Soon we were able to tell Mary that I saw you walk in the lobby as we were walking out.  It was confirmed you were there, waiting for us this time.

The hotel lobby was filled with new families.  Babies crying.  Laughter.  Children in the arms of their forever families.  Red lanterns hung everywhere.  The lights were shinning and twinkling.  I remember hearing horns from the busy street outside.  There was chaos going on all around me.  Suddenly it felt like then the room seemed to go completely dead when I heard your daddy say here she comes.  We watched you being carried down the grand staircase and nothing else moved but you.  Then you were there...right there.

In my arms.


My love for you enveloped me instantly and I knew then and there God's plan was indeed a perfect methodical plan.  Two years ago today we were handed the most precious gift in the world!  I've said it once, I've said it a million times, God put this curious, soulful baby girl into our arms and I've never looked back at what was missing in our lives....He filled every hole, even the ones we didn't know existed.

I love you my little sprout!  Happy Family Day!



Oh what a happy day!

Happy Family Day to you all! Gosh, it seems like yesterday that I was watching this video for the first time! What a beautiful beginning to a wonderful life together! Congratulations!

Happy, Happy Family Day my beautiful family....xoxox, G

Happy Family Day! I just love re-living these days. I'm like a broken record when I say that each and every one of our children are breathing examples of hope fulfilled. What a beautiful miracle Jennifer is!

Oh Kayce, I just cried and cried watching this video again. I always. Ariel at you holding her for the first time and your eyes looking up to God thanking him for such a beautiful blessing, Jennifer is truly a blessing from God.

Tears flow every time I watch your video. What an amazing moment!

Happy Family Day to ALL of you!!!

Sweet, precious moments that deserve to be retold over and over again! How neat that Cricket is now nearing an age when she will understand so much more.

Forever family...forever loved!

Oh Kayce what a beautiful letter you wrote to your daughter. Thank you for sharing the video of the first time you held her. I had tears in my eyes as I watched with anticipation for her to be finally in your arms.

Hope you had a wonderful Family Day.


This is the most perfect of letters. The love, the depth, the width of your love for her drips from every word. I am moved, I am inspired, I am in tears. I felt like I was walking across the street with you, that certainty in your heart that she was right there and the peace when she was finally in your arms. (Sigh). What a memory to share with her in the years to come. I cant believe it has been two years. I remember reading your entries every day as the day came closer. Praying for that moment for you and your family. I want to celebrate Family Day too...love it.