16 December 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011 - 9 comments

Favorite Photo Friday - The Joy of Christmas Cookies

Oh what fun it is to have a toddler!!!  
What's even better is watching Christmas through the eyes of two year olds!  
Nothing but pure joy!  Joy and a little sugar! 
We got together for our annual cookie decorating party with our friend Z and her mommy last Friday and had a sugary ball.  It was a much needed reprieve from the days before...)thank you all for your prayers, calls, emails and love for Big J, it is so appreciated.  Monday is our next visit with the doctor to discuss what's next...Thanks for keeping the prayers going.)   But back to the decorating...This year was completely different from last years icing extravaganza which you've got to go back and see the changes!  This year there was more cookies eaten than decorated...lots of missing arms, legs and heads from the poor gingerbread men.  
The determination was intense as well this year.  Oh so serious!  Us mommy's were prepared for another huge mess of icing and sparkles to throw in the tub after, but the girls kept it pretty clean and made sure to lick their fingers instead of doing finger painting.   It's amazing how much these two friends have changed in the last year...they are such amazing little treasures!   SO amazing!  
Of course the sugar at one point took over and the concentration ended in giggles and shared happiness.  I don't think there's anything better than seeing this joy!   Next week the big kids come over for a cookie decorating party and I'm pretty sure with a house full of teenagers the mess isn't going to be as contained as we were able to keep these two year olds controlled!  I'm looking forward to capturing that chaos and seeing what kinds of joy the teens can make happen...stay tuned for part two.
the long road


cute girls in those pictures! REALLY cute!


....pure bliss! xoxoxo,me

what a wonderful, fun, sugary day! It's amazing to see how much they've grown and changed in just one short year. The comparisons are huge!!

So, so sweet in so many ways!!

That looks like SO much fun. We are going to attempt Christmas cookies next week. Wish us luck! xoxo Brooke

Looks like a blast and sweetness overload! Hugs to you friend and continued prayers! Enjoy all the joy of this amazing season!!!

Oh my gosh they are so cute! (I'm not biased or anything!) I must have pictures of this!! ;) Thank you for capturing the day. It was so much fun!!!

OMW... I love these photos and they make me soo happy and a little sad..
I sooo hope I get this chance...
LOVE YOU TONS.. and miss you

OMG!!!! I love it. Pure sweetness. I need a copy of the giggle shot for my wall. I can hardly stand it.