18 November 2011

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Favorite Photo Friday - My littlest sprout

Oh how I love this child!  LOVE her!  I am forever gazing at her in amazement and just get all weepy just thinking of our journey to her.  I'd wait a thousand years again just to have this little sprout in my arms.  Crazy I know, but I would.  I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand times again....This child is a gift from God just for me!  
While we were in Guangzhou, we would wander into the stores next to our hotel and I saw this dress and wanted it badly!  The dress seemed huge at the time, especially when I looked down at this tiny bundle in the pouch attached to me.  I held it up several times and thought she wouldn't be wearing this until she was at least in first grade!  HA!   A few weeks ago I pulled down the next bin of clothes 2T-3T and saw the dress right away.  When I pulled it out I realized she'd fit in it perfectly right now and looked at her playing behind me and saw such a different little girl than the one I'd been getting to know just a short year and several months ago when I bought the dress.   Of course I put it on her immediately and grabbed the camera and she was a ham!
Our little sprout is growing and growing before our eyes so quickly!  It's like watching a sunflower bloom...just beautiful!  My girl is now full of mischief and imagination.  She plays for hours with her babies and bears and we can not leave the house without one of them in tow.   She will dress up in her doctor scrubs and perform surgery on them and then tenderly kiss them and tell them they are all better.  (I have no idea where she got the whole surgery concept from???)  Books are still her favorite.   She will read forever and that's all she wants to do in the car.  We go to the library once a week but we should really be going everyday because she goes through the books so fast and tells me, "mommy we need new books again" before two days as past.   Our sprout has also discovered the joy of building tents in the house and playing for hours in them.  Oh how I loved doing that as a little girl.  I have a great time now making up extravagant castles and rabbit holes to play in with my girl.
On top of all that imagination and sparkle she is now 35 inches tall and weighs 27.8 pounds.  She is mostly wearing a 2T but still has a few 18-24 months outfits that fit her perfectly.  Her foot size is a 6 but she'll wear any shoe that she can get her feet in.  She LOVES shoes and hairbows.  ;)  Her vocabulary is soaring and she never stops talking, in fact Mike and I have a very hard time getting a conversation completed because she will stand in the middle of us just rambling away (she's a little like her mommy that way).  She is in charge of saying grace at dinner and asking the, "how was your day" question.  I've really got to get that dinner prayer on video...it's precious and always has us in tears.  Some of my favorite words she utters are:  Wooggie = woobie (think of the movie "Mr. Mom" woobie was Kevins blanket), Mickmau = Mickey Mouse, Dumbit = Summit our dog, Ben and Jerry = cows....just to name a few.  We are also taking a Mandarin class and the cricket lurves it!  She'll count in Mandarin before she'll count in English...love that!!  And now that we are quickly approaching the age of three her most favorite word is WHY????? and most favorite string of words....what is that doing???, why not mommy?? and I love you too much.  That one of course melts my heart! 
Oh it's fun being a toddler on the verge of daily discovery!  Everyday is an adventure and I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be able to do this again.  What a gift!  As we head into the holiday season this year I am reminded of where we were two years ago....waiting the last days of our wait and our nerves were fried beyond fried!  This year we celebrate our second holiday season with our little sprout and will be headed to Oregon on Monday for a celebration of total thankfulness!

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Kayce, You bring tears to my eyes. Your words speak from a place of such love and awe and humility. I love how you love your angels. She is truly beautiful. Inside and out. What a miracle she is your daughter. "I love you too much..." Oh how precious. I am so happy for you and your babies. Love the pics and the dress. so perfect...


she is thriving through all you love. The dress is adorable.


Oh my goodness she is sweet!! Love that last shot

Oh wow! You've captured so much of your precious sprout in the post! These moments are fleeting and I'm so thankful we have our blogs to capture them forever!

Your sweetie is a wonderful little girl with the entire world before her! How awesome that she's taking Mandarin!! I've tried to find something here but it just doesn't seem to be avaiable. This saddens me.

May you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving week!

SOOOOOO thankful for our daughters that God created specifically for us! And so thankful for the friendship He has blessed you and I with!

love you friend! xo

How precious! Even though I knew big changes would happen I am in awe everyday!

Love the update. Gorgeous photos and how lovely to hear how your little Sprout is blossoming and changing. It really is a wonderful age. Happy holidays.

These pictures of so precious of your little cricket. So happy to see she is doing so well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Amazing how big she is getting..
I rememeber when you were in China..Love you girly..

I LOVE how each day is so special in the eyes of a toddler.

LOVE your post. The dress is so sweet. Don't you wish we could bottle up this time and make it last.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Your littlest sprout is growing right before our very eyes!! I cannot get over it Kayce. She is just beautiful!! I love these photos of her.

Just in case I don't make it back here before Thursday.... Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious family~



She is beyond precious! I so understand what you are saying. It is miraculous how God knows just which babe to place with each family.
I love watching your girl grow :)

Oh why do they have to grow up so fast?? She is sooooooo precious, you are soooooooooooooo blessed:)

LOVE your sweet photo's!

God Bless,

thanks for your sweet words kayce! Your support means alot to me. I hope you are your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of lots of love and memories!!!!


She is so cute! My girls are 8 and soon to be 6 this year and I can't really understand how quickly they've grown up on me.The dress is adorable. We have saved every little piece of clothing that we bought in China for our girls.

Erika B

Jennifer is a doll...it's such a joy to watch her grow. I wish we lived closer so we could get our girls together.

Big hugs!