02 December 2011

Friday, December 02, 2011 - 11 comments

Favorite Photo Friday - The first time, times two!

On this day two years ago our lives forever changed.
We looked into the eyes of a child we'd dreamed of for years.
We became rich beyond measure with love we didn't know we had inside of us.
Instantly our world as we knew it was washed away and a new terrain formed.
What we thought we'd lost, we found in the depths of these soulful eyes.

And since that moment at 1:35pm on December 2, 2009, we've grown as a family in more ways than size.  The strings that hold us together are strong in faith, filled with hope and interwoven in abundant love.  Each day is a complete and total gift.  And after two years of looking at our daughters beautiful face, we still find ourselves filled with butterflies knowing that she is ours.  Our daughter!  Chosen for us...a gift.
You are our treasure my sweet daughter!  On this day two years ago you made me a mommy again and seeing your face for the first time was one of most rewarding moments of my life!  I love you too much!

the long road


Wow two years already!! I love your story and I can't watch that video again or I'll be crying and I need to go work out!! Love the photo shoot with your little cutie!!
Congratulations and many blessings!!


I remember this so well. Have a great day celebrating.

love to you all.


I soooo remember this amazing day.... I love you my friend..
Glad you have your girl in your arms..
Remember skyping while you were in china...
Happy 2 years girly..

Two years!! God has changed your lives in so many wonderful ways and in turn, your lives have blessed ours!


She's gorgeous!


What a VERY SPECIAL day! Congrats to your family- what a huge blessing.

Time flies! Look at that sweet face and how much it's changed! Happy Referral day J from your YY sister!

wow, I cant believe its been two years! I have loved every entry!


Congrats! Such a beauty.

gosh, it really seems like I was just watching this video of you seeing your precious daughter's face for the first time.. :) Time seemed to creep by while waiting and now it's hard to slow them down! :)

I have just loved catching up on your posts Kayce! Merry Christmas!