31 October 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011 - 18 comments

Happy Hooting Halloween!

From our little nest to yours....
Happy Halloween!
Our little owl had a wonderful time trick or treating last night with her best bud, Zoey.   We decided to leave the crowds to their own devices tonight and enjoy a quiet night of knocking on the doors of a few folks and then have a great dinner out last night instead.  Of course our little owl wanted nothing to do with her owl wings before we even got to the first door...oh well!  Next year her daddy says no more tutu's and he's in charge of the costume.  HA!!  We'll see!  :)  Anywhoooooowwhoooooo....Happy Halloween!  


Awww so cute. I love owls and she's the cutest one ever!

Cricket is the cutest owl, EVER!!
Happy Halloween!!!

What a hoot! Cutest owl ever. Happy Halloween!


Awesome costume!!!! Happy Halloween to the sweetest little owl.

Cutest Owl ever!!:)

My word! That is stinkin' cute!

What a great costume.

Keep smilin!

Goodness that's a wonderful costume!!!


Nancy-of the crazy 9

Hoo hoo...so cute!!

I LOVE it! I mean LOVE!

Happy Halloween my friend.


Simply adorable!

LOVE the costume and the cute owl wearing it! Glad you had a great Halloween!

OH MY WORD.... LOVE HER!!! She is such a "hoot" :) That costume is awesome!! What a cutie pie!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween~



Love it..
Happy Halloween..
Love ya girly..

Ok, she is by FAR the most adorable owl I have ever seen!!!!!!!


What an original costume --i love it! She looks so adorable in it, too. =)

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She looked so adorable! Love the costume. :-)