28 October 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011 - 13 comments

Favorite Photo Friday - The YiYang's take the beach!

Ooooohhhh goodness did this week start of fabulous!  We got to enjoy a wonderful Monday afternoon with our dear friends Z and her mommy and got to meet up CXH and her mommy who were visiting from Arizona.  Well actually the first time meeting for me but this was a reunion for all the girls since the last time they were all together was two years ago...in China.   These three beauties shared nine months together in a small village orphanage in Jiangxi and here they are now, as Suz put it..."Three little girls from the same mountain in China standing on the beach of the ocean they had to cross to get home."  Perfect words!
We enjoyed a delish lunch at a favorite harbor restaurant and watched sailboats go out and the sea birds flying all around.  Of course the crayons were a big hit and the conversation at that end of the table was pretty darn cute!
And soon we had three two year and a half year olds ready to hit the beach!  
This picture has got to be my favorite of the day and of the week!  Total team work!  I love how Z looks like she's directing the release of this boat and the girls are working hard on following direction.  :)  Melt my heart with tears just looking at the three of them together.  I look forward to the day that there is a big YiYang reunion with many more of these beautiful girls who shared the first months of their lives together.  They are amazing girls!  Not biased here!  LOL!  
Our little cricket was beyond happy to meet CXH again, yet for the first time and have a day with her "myZoey"!  She was on fire with smiles and overflowing with joy.  Our entire ride home she was non stop chatterbox about her day and her friends.  Sweet sounds to listen to.
God has blessed all of us in the adoption world in more ways than our children.  He has blessed us with forever friends whom once shared beds and a bottle or two and now they share amazing moments in life with their forever families and with friends along the way in joyous adventures that come along on the path God choose for them.  God's perfect plan!   
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What beautiful photos you have to complement your shared memories. So glad you mommies and girls could share this together.

Amen!! :) What a wonderful bond to be able to give your girls!

They look so cute! Nothing like a good day spent among friends. Love the 4th shot from the top. Priceliess smile!

Erika B

This post is precious!

What beautiful photos Kayce! It must have been wonderful seeing the girls together once again. I hope to one day reunite L. with his crib mate from China. They currently live in Minneapolis. We Skype as often as we can.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



Love it! The cuteness is heart melting.

I only hope that one day, we get t meet.

Keep smilin!

Oh wow!! What an absolutely amazing day!! God has blessed all of your as forever friends. Heh...how fun to look at the pics and think those 3 tiny girls have known one another longer than their mommies have known one another!

Love these pictures! Love these smiles! Very cool that you can get together every so often!

Also, love that blue and green striped sweater! Handmade or where can I find one? (leave a comment on my blog if I can find it somewhere!)


Sweet girls indeed! It's so awesome that you Yiyang Mommies are able to stay in touch and keep your girls connected.

I love seeing all the joy and happiness in the girls faces...their smiles melt my heart!

Thanks for posting!

I can't help but smile when I think about you, Suz, and Steph on a day like this day....three camera clad Mamas!

Look at these gorgeous girls....how truly blessed each of you are to have your girls home in your arms where they were always meant to be.

Blessed indeed! oh, to have been able to join you all in the fun! Someday! ;) I still cannot believe I have not actually met you Kayce, you are an "old friend", yet have yet to see eachother face to face! too funny! :) LOVE all the pictures and just am amazed at how fast the girls are growing!

Absolutely PRECIOUS, Kayce!!! What sweet, sweet girls and relationships that will last a lifetime. These are adorable, every single one.


The pic on the beach of the two of them is my very favorite!!!! LUV this one!
nancy-of the crazy 9