13 October 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 9 comments

Favorite Photo Friday - An apple a day

This last weekend we made an amazing afternoon with friends Wises 3, by heading to our local pick your own apple ranch for what has become an annual event...you can see last years images/post here.  The girls have changed so much and watching them on Sunday was a treat for all of us parents.  Our girls are most definitely the apples of our eyes and are oh so treasured!  SO treasured!
This year we planned our outing to actually be able to pick apples...last year we were a week late in the season and just enjoyed the orchard and the last of the apples on the ground and the pumpkin patch.  So to be able to actually watch the girls pick apples and walk the paths was a treat.   I also loved that the girls did some of the same stick searching as last year.  :)  Moments that these two Yiyang girls are together are so special to me and I treasure the thought of watching them grow up as good friends.
Now what to do with all these apples!?!  I have big dreams of making jars of applesauce to enjoy for the winter and and some apple treat a day...I just hope I can make that happen!  I got A LOT of apples!  Uh oh!  My dear mind is always thinking more is better.   Must work on that...until then I've got a lot of coring and pealing to do!
OOOOOOO!  These have got to be my most favorite pictures of the week!  I couldn't choose just one.  :)  
the long road


Apple picking is such a wonderful family tradition to have and even better when you can share it with great friends!

Sweet, sweet pics of your beautiful little girl!!

How fun - I'd love to find an apple orchard around here.

There is just something about her. She melts my heart every time that I see her.

Adorable! I really love the perspective of that first shot.

I cant believe how tall she is getting!!!! Wow! So adorable. We always picked apples every year as a family. great memories.



She is so adorable.... I totally agree with Kimberley.... there is something in her that just captivates me. She is a special little girl indeed.

Also wanted to mention that you my friend, are rockin the camera. You go girl. FABULOUS shots!



I TOTALLY agree with Lisa! These pic's are FABULOUS!!

She is sooooooo sweet! I so which we could find an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch here, no luck so far but I'm still looking.....

Have a great weekend!


How fun! I so miss apple picking... We used to make the best pies when we lived in upstate NY.

Oh! How fun! And what better people to spend the day with than the Wise's! The Cricket seems to being really maturing and growing lately, I can see it in the pictures! What a sweetheart! I want to meet her in person! Lauren and her would have SO much fun together! :)