05 August 2011

Friday, August 05, 2011 - 5 comments

A Moment in Life {The camp look}

Sunday we packed up Big J for his last who rah of the summer.   He was SOOOO excited and couldn't wait to just chill with his friends and have fun filled week at Camp Hammer.  It was set to be a week of relaxing, unwinding, sharing stories of the past month and reflecting in their faith.   The kids who'd been busy with Apostle Camp and then Camp Attitude right after were looking forward to playing for once, a very well deserved break.  

So here he sat on the trunk that took me to years and years of camp...looking cool and a little bit like a young boy again...maybe for just a second.



What a wonderful week for a well deserving guy and his friends! They've worked so hard this summer and now is the time for them! Hope you're having an amazing week Big J!

....that's my Jacob! xoxoxo,G

He is starting to look so grown up! I hope he has an amazing time!

He looks cool for sure! Hope he has a wonderful time!

Wow, these pictures make me realize that since knowing you he has grown from a young boy to a young man! It sounds like he has had a fantastic summer and one of much personal growth I'm sure as well. Camps seem to do that...at least they did for me. Take care! ;)