10 August 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 11 comments

Black and White Wednesday - My little baker and I

Introducing my new assistant baker!  
I'm so excited to not have to handle the cooking load on my own anymore and 
now I can just sit back and direct in all the meals.  :)  Well she does need a little bit of practice and still needs help reaching the countertop and she is terrible about not eating the food as it is being prepared....but she's pretty darn cute....I think we make a good team!
So every time that I mentioned we needed to send her bubba some cookies while he was away, my little baker jumped at the words and said, "I help you mommy!!"  She asks him all the time now if he liked the cookies we sent him at camp.  :)   
Caught red handed!!!
Finally I convinced her to pour the chocolate chips in the mix instead of eating them.  :)  
But then she just dug her hands in the batter and went to town!  

I love the expression my little assistant has in this picture!  SO my cricket!


I love it when my littles help in the kitchen! Really cute shots!

These are just adorable! Surely to be treasured as the years passed. The little things in life are the sweetest.
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Her personality shines through in these pics --adorable! Now that our kitchen counter is much lower, Z has been hanging around the kitchen more trying to "help." =)

(I hope your parents try out the tea place when they visit Vancouver... it's really nice.)

'Sweet' as can be!!! xoxoxo,me

She is one cute baker. I love the pictures!

These are adorable Kayce! She is so cute. The perfect assistant in the kitchen. :-)

I just think these shots are so precious Kaycee! I love the sneaking of the chocolate chips. My little monkey kept on getting into them in the pantry.... Needless to say we moved them up high where he can't reach them.

Thank you for your sweet comments!
So day we must meet up in OR. I have family in Portland. I would love to meet little Jennifer.

Big hugs,

Super Cute Photo Session!

What an adorable little baking assistant! Mmm...can't blame a girl for enjoying chocolate chips!

Lauren and I did this just yesterday! Jennifer is my kind of baker, lot's and lot's of chocolate chips! :) Think of you often my friend! Glad to see life is going well! :)

Oh my goodness- how fun. I love her expressions in these, looks like she is really enjoying being your helper.