01 August 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011 - 7 comments

Cows, goats and more cows!

This years trip to my parents place was extra fun because of some new friends on the farm, Ben and Jerry!  We had a ton of fun feeding the sweet baby cows breakfast and dinner and sometimes even a snack in between.  Our little cricket thought she'd hit the jackpot with these cute guys!  The photo opportunities were over the top not only with the beautiful backdrop but the awe of our girls first look at the farm animals in her story books.  
We made a cute black and white tutu to match Ben and Jerry and went off to give the boys a snack!  You know I couldn't do pictures without a tutu!  :)

Here's Ben...a sweet, sweet guy who was SO great with an active toddler chasing after him.
Gotta love the determination and the tutu!  :)
Raz and Sheldon.  
These two thought my camera would be a better thing to eat then the acres of grass they have!  
Always wanting to help her grandpa no matter what the job or what she's wearing.  
Eventually we had to say goodbye to the cows and now as I sit here and work on this post, my daughter is yelling, "Ben and Jerry mommy!!!! There's Ben and Jerry!"  We now have a definite country girl on our hands!  She loved every minute of our time there and slept like a dream!
We had an amazing trip and the farm and cows were just one of the highlights!  There's so much more to share...more smiles, more firsts and a few moments that made my heart swell.  


Looks like so much fun!!! (love the pics, wow)

Oh my stars... I cannot say "LOVE IT" enough!!! :)

Can't get the old Donny and Marie song out of my head....She's a little bit country...

That's your cricket! So adorable in her Ben & Jerry tutu running the farm!

Oops...I menat running around the farm!

I think!! ;o)

It’s all so idyllic and beautiful!!! What a peaceful place to live one’s life and such a great place for grandchildren!!! xoxoxo,me

What great pictures....it's nice to know that someone still has time to post to their blog! I'm so missing my "blog time"...camera is broken and life is moving faster than I can keep up with. I've been checking in on you though...I'll try to post to my blog soon so you can catch a glimps of our sweet girl!

Hope all is well with you Kayce....college, really???!!

Your last photo is gorgeous!

Love these photos! Great outfit! Wow she is starting to look grown-up! Cathy