30 July 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 2 comments

A Moment in Life {No Fear}

We returned home this afternoon from a fabulous week with my family in Oregon.  It's been a whirlwind of a week and full of fabulous memories and many moments to share including this moment which happened within an hour of us getting out of the long trip...

First the John Deer was brought out and our little cricket was happy as a lark to finally be able to sit on her bubba's lap for hours on end.  It had been a very long week without him and we were all SO happy to be able to see our Big J, especially his little sister!  She giggled and rode around the front of my parents property for awhile and then she got brave and wanted to do it herself and kicked her brother off.  
Then her brother took her around the corner with their grandpa and showed her the BIG tractor!  And that was it, she wanted to get on that thing faster than a duck to water!  She practically pushed Big J out of the way to climb aboard and when the engine started the grin grew wider and wider.  And to be honest with you, I think my dad's grin was bigger than hers!

Soon though grandpa was not allowed to touch any part of the tractor except to hit the gas.  Every time he'd try to steer, our little cricket would scream out..."I DOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!!"  This girl has NO fear!  There was even a few minutes of sheer screaming and the start of a tantrum because she couldn't do it all herself!  Up and down the drive they went and it was a perfect way to start the week on the farm and it was a laughter feast for her daddy and I and a moment not to forget. 
We are happy to be home but missing all the fun we had, but the best part of being home is going through all the pictures and remembering all the great moments and all the fun we had.  I've got lots to share and some fun, fun pictures!!


Your brave little girl is SOOO cute! Heh....I have a feeling it won't be long before she is driving that tractor all by herself!

The 2nd picture of your little cricket is so beautiful. =)