29 August 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011 - 6 comments

30 Days No Spending! Here we go!

A few years ago I was awed and inspired by a challenge that fellow adoptive mom and blogger, Christie from A Bushel & A Peck did....to be honest I'm always awed and inspired by this woman.  She will have you in tears and then will leave you laughing by the end of her posts.  She will make you think, do, and dream.  Well besides inspiring me in other ways, this year she and her family are challenging many to stop spending for the next 30 days!  We're talking use what you've got, stay away from the coffee shop, eat in instead of out and save, save, save!  
I couldn't resist to jump on board and challenge myself and my family to put away some money.  In fact I'm hopeful that this will just turn into a habit that goes beyond the 30 days because we need it to.   This last year has been tough for us to be completely honest.  We've lost a huge amount of salary and have had to cut much of our spending already.  And while we have cut back on all of our monthly expenses, we still struggle with walking past the coffee shops and cafes for lunches out or steering clear of eating out on those nights when I just don't want to cook.   So with this challenge our extra spending ends starting Thursday for the next 30 days and hopefully beyond!  We will put away each cent for Christmas and hope to have a better holiday than we'd thought we would just a few weeks ago.  
In preparation for the next four weeks I've spent the last week getting a meal plan together for the entire month.  I am a big meal planner and sit down every Saturday night and plan out the week to come so doing an entire month was challenge enough!  If you're looking for a great way to find new and yummy recipes, meal plan and add your plan to a shopping list, check out myrecipes.com.   I've used this site for years and find it to be the best!   I've also cleaned out the pantry and freezer and taken note of what we have and where to use it in my meal plan.  I've sipped a few coffee's along the way and will have one or two more before Thursday I'm sure!  The family is on board and ready to go...I hope!   

Do you think you can challenge yourself to spending nothing for 30 days??  Can you buy just the milk, bread and veggies??  Jump on board or follow along at A Bushel & A Peck on how others are making it happen, you never know you might be inspired! 


Good luck Kayce!! I too need to start doing something like this because as of this upcoming Thursday we will be living off of Lane's retirement income until he's done with law school and it's going to be a huge change. We've already cut back but I know there's so much more to do. One of these days, I'm hoping to really be able to live on next to nothing via freebies, couponing, etc.

Good for you Kayce! I've been following Christie's blog for a long time now. I read about her 30 day challenge and was intrigued. It's a bit daunting having to create a meal plan for an entire month. I'm really bad at planning meals a day in advance, never mind a month. I'm also stopping at the grocery at least 2 - 3 times a week because I run out or forget something.

I'm hoping you post all about your month long no spending spree and possibly change my mind about joining in the future. Maybe I'll give it a try in October. Everyone can benefit from less spending from eating out, etc.

Good luck!!!

I am doing this as well. I am doing meal plans today and I cleaned out our freezer and pantry so now I know what I have.

Good luck to you....wish us luck we will REALLY need it. Our 15 yr old doesn't really see that this is necessary, good thing she has her own money for when SHE wants to splurge.

Wishing you lots of yummy dinners and money rolling in!! Does it really start this Thursday.....? I am so behind and now I need to catch up. We are joining in also. So we can encourage each other on the way. I know the hardest thing for me is going to be not getting my Starbucks Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte. Oh and of course they are coming out with the Pumpkin Spice really soon too..... What am I going to do? DIE....

So, tonight I will be taking inventory and planning meals.
Hubby's BD is on the 12th I guess I need to calculate that into the pot.


You go girl! I love the post and you are much too kind - but I sure do 'preciate it.

Can't wait to see what you come up with - AND - I'm impressed you've mapped out the month. Ok - even I haven't done that yet! Oops. I usually go week to week, because I'm too darn lazy to really plan the whole thing. Probably why I struggled so bad last time, and why I should probably go ahead and take your example...

Here we come, Thursday!!

Good luck! I must check it out.