26 August 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011 - 5 comments

A Moment in Life {Starting the next phase}

This week Big J went and got his ID card at our local community college where he'll be taking a few classes over the next two years.  He'll be taking his foreign language classes there this year, American Sign Language then next year he'll take a math class here instead of at the high school.   The math class idea was his and I guess when your mom says you have to take four years of math you might as well take one of them at the college level before you get to college...right??  Where did this kid come from!!??!!??
When we picked this little card up I honestly had to step back and suck the tears down....thankfully I had a two year old that kept me occupied and took my mind off the fact that my other child is starting the next phase in his life.  While we were on campus he ran into a youth leader from church who was also getting his ID and of course Big J was pretty stoked to already know someone on campus especially someone who is supportive and encouraging.  Made my momma heart feel a wee bit better.  I guess for this round of classes I have to begin step back...I can't call the teacher and ask questions or go to open house but I can be comforted in knowing that there is someone Big J knows looking out for him already.

I also have to share one more moment from this week....

I was sitting down yesterday working on a project and had to take a picture of myself so I opened up PhotoBooth.  I saw this little video of my two sprouts and just about died laughing!  I know the day this was recorded but I have no idea when they did it and what's crazy is I can hear my voice in the background but don't remember them playing with my computer!  Ohhh the things these two do!  I do love the fact that it was a sweet little surprise for me, specially when I've been feeling as though I'm being pulled apart in two by these two!  Made a tough week worth the rough moments for sure.

What was your favorite moment from the week??


That video is great, Love how Cricket looks to Big J for the next moves! My favorite moments this week are bedtime, 2 nights in a row it has not been a screaming struggle and last night I got an "ahhwubbew" (i love you) totally unsolicited! Best thing ever! After some tough times it is nice to see a glimpse of a better things to come.

I love his smile on the card. Big and bright and ready to take on the world.

That song is a popular dance song in our house too!

Snuggle time is always my fave part of the day/week/month/year. Esp. Little D telling me "Careful, Mommy" on the steps at her daycare after I tumbled there on Monday.

Keep smilin!

What a cute video! I love them dancing together.... Wow that son of yours really is amazing. Can we clone him? LOL!


oh my goodness - that is the cutest video EVER! How sweet to see it when you most need it!

I have a 15 year old son so I'm guessing I know how you are feeling about "the next stage" :)

xo ellie

FYI-Joe taught at the community college level and when he had high school students take his course it was perfectly acceptable for the parent to e-mail him or even stop by his office to talk to him or ask questions.

That video just made me smile. I am counting down the days until October! I can't wait to see you and I am looking forward to Joyce Meyer.