01 June 2011

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 - 10 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Moving on up

Tomorrow marks the end of Big J's sophomore year of high school.
It's been an amazing year!  
A year full of so much change and all of it good.  
A year full of respect not only for others but for himself. 
A year full of new experiences and adventures galore!
A year filled with physical growth...3 inches taller in 9 short months!

It's been a year that has proved to him that hard work does pay off...even if it's hard and tiresome.

For me it's been nothing but a joy to be a part of and while I often wonder what happened to my little boy, I now look forward to seeing the path his young adulthood takes him on.  Here's to the end of another school year and a wonderful summer ahead!!!  
Next step...The Junior Year!

Happy Wednesday!  Hop on over to The Long Road to China (and back!) for more black and whites!


Lovely shot of your son! It seems ages ago since my boys were teenagers. Actually, it is-they are in their 30's!

I LOVE YOU Jacob!!!! xoxoxox, Mames-on-Hames

Wow, 3 inches in just 9 months!

That's a great portrait shot of your handsome young man. :)

What a wonderful picture. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Beautiful portrait of your handsome son!!!! Love this conversion to black and white.

Congrats to him on a great school year. I'm sure it's hard to believe he'll be a Junior in the Fall!!!


I can't believe it - weren't you just mentioning him finishing middle school! Wow. Time really does fly!

Great picture of Jacob....my Jacob will be starting HS next year...I may need to put you on my speed dial for advice! :) GULP!

Congrats on the the next phase Mamma and son!! :) It's going to be a great ride!!! You look great Jake!

J is soooo handsome..
Hugz to you ..
Love ya..