08 June 2011

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Black and White Wednesday - Just spinning!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here!  The end of the school year is always just a whirlwind of mind numbing madness and I only have to deal with one child in school....I can't even imagine how it is for moms and dads with more than one!  Hats off to you!!  Anyway...I'm pretty much still spinning and slowly coming to a slow twirl.   Ahhhhhh....summer break! 
Over Memorial Day weekend we had a huge garage sale and in preparing for that I'd been cleaning every square inch of our house getting rid of anything and everything that just needed to go.  Of course it never fails when trying to get rid of stuff that you come across things that just MUST stay!  And this Spin Art box had never been used and was just screaming for us to rip it open and let the paint fly!  We had so much fun and the cricket thought we'd gone mad until she tried her hand at it and wanted to, "do it again!"  After a few dozen splats we strung a ribbon along the stairs to showcase the first of our summer art projects!  
And now we are day three into our summer break and the to-do's are getting done, the days are long and lazy and there are plans for adventures being finalized!  Our first summer trip will be for our annual Father's Day camp out with some friends near Solvang.  I can not wait for the warmer weather and the yummmmmmy treats!   Then we'll be celebrating The Fourth at a new campground that is all about wine and wine tasting and wine...did I say wine?  :)  I can not wait to be out sitting around the campfire and watching the stars go by!  
While getting us ready for our trips, I'll also be getting Big J ready for a two week service and discipleship camp then he'll leave straight from there to a camp in Oregon.  This second camp is actually a mission trip of sorts and one that will make a huge impact in his life.  He'll be a buddy to a camper for the week at a family camp for children with disabilities.  He's been looking forward to this opportunity for months and can not wait for the experience.  I am so looking forward to his homecoming than anything just so I can sit and listen to his stories.  Of course I'll be even more anxious just to give him a hug since it will be three weeks straight with no contact at all except for snail mail.  The best part of his homecoming will be that we'll be headed to Oregon to pick him up and get to spend a week with my family!!  I can not wait!
The little cricket and I have plenty planned while her bubba is gone and we're sure to find a road trip in there somewhere so we can get out of the fog!  If anything we can pull out the spin art and see what wild and crazy pieces of art we come up with!  Little miss is definitely keeping me on my toes this last month, she is now all about being "a big girl" and needs absolutely no help from me what so ever!  She's also into doing everything, "like you mommy" and follows my every move now.  It's pretty funny to turn around and see your flaws in the face of adorableness!  I've got a whole post of all things "me like mommy" to get done...if I can find some time!  It seems I'm back to posting once a week again and I can barely get around to saying hi on other blogs....I'm trying!  :)  Now that my world is not spinning so much right now maybe I can stop and smell the roses again.  One can only hope in the life of motherhood!  What kinds of plans do you have planned for the summer??

As always, I love Black and White Wednesdays!  Be sure to check out other's at Lisa's - The Long Road to China (and back!)  Happy Wednesday!!


Sounds like you will have a great summer. We will be working 5 more weeks but school is out this week at least. Can't wait to have some time off with the family.

Erika B

Ahhh......summer. Enjoy the lazy days. (We're still spinning here....got a few more weeks to go.)

Love these fun shots of your budding artist.

Looks like a great start to summer. I used to have one of those things...so much fun!

The slower pace of Summer, sure is the best. Sounds like you have a fun one planned. Did you say a campground with wine and wine tasting?!! sounds wonderful to me.

Love all of these Kayce. We have one more school day left and then they're free!


OMG... wish I could join you on the wine camping trip. Sounds divine!

Love your pictures of spin art. I remember that one. Looks like your little one was having a blast.

We are finally near the end of school. One down one more to go. Friday will start the slower paced mornings and lazy afternoons. Cannot wait!


Too much fun! great shots!

So much fun!! I remember spin art from when I was a kiddo. Sure looks like Cricket knows what she's doing!

Cannot wait to see you soon friend! Be sure to set up a day with M3! Can't wait to see our amazing girls together! To think last year they sat quietly on the blanket. This year we'll have to tag team chasing them up and down the beach!!!

Love ya! Can't wait to see you!

It must be the time of year _ I'm having the exact same clear out, rush to get jobs done and trouble blogging more than once a week!

Big J's trips sound amazing. Hope he has a wonderful experience and you all have a terrific summer.

That spin art thingy looks like tons of fun! :)

Still 3 more weeks to go here before school lets out.. and then we're off to visit with the cousins and in-laws! Can't wait! We'll be stopping by the Oregon coast, too. :)

Beautiful captures!!! Looks like so much fun!