22 May 2011

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Challenging the tough times

When we came home from China I was overwhelmed with a sense of greed.  I looked at all I had and was saddened for being selfish and needy while most of what I saw in China was happiness in the faces of poverty.  Immediately I vowed to make changes in my personal life and in my home.  It's been a struggle though, I must admit, to convince a teenager that he doesn't need another sweatshirt just because is beyond difficult.  And to be perfectly honest, it's been hard for me too.  There are material things in life I want but really don't need and I struggle to walk away from that desire.  Then someone else stepped in to continue to guide me down this path of simple joy.  The Lord.

Over the last year we have had to make some pretty major sacrafices in our lives due to the state of our current economy.  My husband is in construction and I could pretty much stop this post right now because I'm sure you see where I'm going.  Thankfully during this depression of our generation, the company my husband works for has been riding the wave but now the wave is getting slower and is fading.  We've taken a major pay cut to our finances and with that came major changes in our lifestyle.  And these changes??  These changes have been ones I'd wanted to see happen in our life while I was 7000 miles away from home and life was grand and beautiful.  This change ahead was already planned for us.

So with a new budget we started cutting away at our lifestyle.  We cut the cable and got rid of the DVR.  We no longer have the biggest trash can on the block.  We got rid of our frilly phone service.  We bought a push mower when the big gas one broke.  We cut out allowances.  We cut out the weekly dinners out.  Gone are the movies rented on TV.  Meals are now prepared with leftovers in mind and you'd better eat them. Each and every credit card was shredded.  And life has changed and still is.  There are new paths emerging from the path we've been led to but it's scary.  There are new possibilities arising and projects in the works but with those, takes confidence and the strength to move on.  One foot in front of the other will get us through this period as well as the constant reminder that we have each other.  Confidence will come and the strength is already there.

My incredibly wonderful husband has made huge sacrifices to allow our family to have me home to drive in the car pool, go to the park daily, watch our children grow up and to be available always for them.  He comes home exhausted and beat up from work most days and my guilt builds.  But he comes home with his smile and always fills us with love and never complains when the laundry is still not done or I'm taking pictures of the kids instead of making dinner.   He gently tells me that it's okay and reminds me of the sacrifices we are making today are benefiting our children for tomorrow.  And while I know this, I still wonder if I've burdened our family today for something I can not see yet?  I have to trust.  I have to believe and I do...in my husband and in my faith.

The path ahead of us is a long one and has some bumps ahead that we can already see....but we're going to be okay.  Because we have faith in the Lord and faith in each other.   This vision of change was already in my head but I was afraid to walk it's path and now that we're on it, it's not so bad.  We have new ideals and a new outlook and even though our current situation is at times hopeless, our outlook is bright.  Each day is a gift and each day will end with my husbands hand giving me three squeezes to my own hand to tell me he loves me as we listen to the chatter of our blessings.  And for that I am most thankful and will trust that all will be good.


.....such a beautiful post....I love this saying from Maya Angelou ~ You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better...


I can't believe this post.....this is exactly our life right now. Thank you so much for the shot of encouragement...it was greatly needed and appreciated.

My kids have done so well...I have tried budget recipes and using coupons like a fool and they are VERY good about trying new foods (not always successful) and changing their wants to something that we have a coupon for.

We all must hold hands and get through this trying period together and continue to believe that the Lord is in charge and loves us VERY much. Thanks for letting us follow your wonderful journey

You really put things into perspective. At the end of the day, if we can just trust in God, the rest will be taken care of.

My dear friend. I hope that many blessings find their way to you and your family. This is such a beautiful post. Your faith just shines through and your love for your husband too.

I think you've articulated what many many of us are going through now. The pruning is good {although I will admit that I've often prayed that I think I've been pruned quite enough.} He knows now only what we can handle, but what is best for us. And He delights in our victories as move through the learning curve. Good stuff indeed. Thank you for putting it in print.
Nancy-of the crazy 8
(we too are in one of those fields that has been HARD hit. And a state that is one of the worst 3.)

Beautiful post. Beautiful family. Strong and brave.

Hang in there Kayce and know that you are not alone. This economy crash had been a huge life lesson for so many.

Happy Anniversary!!!

thank you for sharing the pain...everybody I know that's adopted or worked with orphans in 3rd world countries have come home feeling the same way as you...thank you for helping me understand.

Being home is so very worth it!! Every material sacrifice you make is paid back abundantly...the Lord is just like that :)

The Lord prepared your hearts during your time in China so that you'd be able to handle these changes now. Your treasure is in Heaven, anyway. Nothing here will last except the love you have.


This post brought me back to the day my mom trusted in God, loaded up all the belongings that would fit in a little U-Haul, sold or left everything else at the curb, got in with her 5 children and drove across the nation with $500 in her pocket and no job in the future....God provided all the way and though those years were tough,some of the best memories were made during that trip and the life we lived thereafter. The scripture you have here is so true, He will not fail you...
Love ya Kayce,