02 May 2011

Monday, May 02, 2011 - 6 comments

Spring Break in a nutshell

Wow that was fast and furious!!  Of course spring break is always fast but this year it was over before it began!  That may have something to do with the fact that there wasn't a single day of just sitting around watching the flowers bloom...we packed each day with serious fun and good times which was all fun but now that I'm sitting here writing about it I'm wishing we had of had a day or two of nothingness....oh well, maybe next year!

Our ten days started off with a quick trip to San Luis Obispo to check out a place to have our family reunion next year.  The cricket and I traveled with my mom and uncle and had more fun then we could have imagined and we found the perfect place for our reunion in Cambria!

We threw some photo opportunities in there of not only my babies but some friends kiddos too!

We had a fun and relaxing Easter Sunday with friends and got our dance on!  Sorry no pics!  :(

We walked the beach a day or two or three....

We drove all over town getting Mr. Teenager to job interviews, church events, and a fishing trip.

We decided to go back to San Luis Obispo AGAIN for our first (of many to come) college tour and now have the total college bug.

And of course no trip to SLO is complete without a walk down "Bubble Gum Alley"....pure DNA at it's finest!

While in SLO my mom surprised us all and drove down with my sister and nephew!  We stayed up all night to watch the Royal Wedding together which we'd done 30 years prior for another wedding!  It was one of the best surprises of my life!

We wore sunglasses every single day!

We spent an hour or so at Farmer's Market and had a fabulous meal with our finds.

We got a wonderful visit in with our big girl and managed to get her in front of the camera!  :)

We played, we ventured, we laughed, and we just filled in every second with something...good times and good memories!  I even managed to not finish Spring Fling (30 posts in 30 days) because I was having to much fun!  And now the count down begins to summer!!!!!  24 days...but who's counting!


That picture of Jennifer in her sunglasses, big pouty lips... she's just to die for gorgeous!

Looks like a great weekend!

what a great spring break...
Love all the photos..
Love you and glad you had a great time..
You sooo deserve it..

Looks like a blast!!!! The Cricket is getting so big! When did they become little girls and not babies anymore? I'm counting to summer with you! Enjoy the home stretch!!!

Sounds like a super fun spring break! :)