27 April 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 17 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Sprinklers and Polka Dots

The time has come when our suits are pulled out from the back of our drawers and we dig through the bathroom drawers in search of the sunblock!  In our part of California we get MANY foggy days in the summer...almost all summer and it is more than yucky if you don't like the fog like me.  So when the sun shines in our neck of the woods...we splash!
We pull out the hoses, the sprinklers, the buckets of water and paintbrushes to practice our writing and we play in the warm, rich sunshine!  As parents, we sit back and relax and enjoy the picture show in front of us.  There is nothing to distract our conversations because we know exactly where our children are....they are jumping, laughing, running, drawing and playing in the water bubbling from the sprinkler.

These are the days that I look forward to most in my children's childhood.  Nothing can erase the memories of running through the sprinklers with a friend and a polka dot bathing suit on.  What was your favorite memory from running through the sprinklers??

Happy Wednesday!  We're busy on Spring Break and have been blessed with fabulous weather!  We are having way too much fun already and the days ahead are full with another quick trip and some fun thrown in there in the spaces in between! 


We have enjoyed lovely warm weather during Easter but still a bit to chilly for the sprinklers. Soon hopefully! Love that first BW shot. So adorable and the angle is just perfect.

Erika B

we had well water when I was a kid so it was a rare treat when my mom said yes! My brother and I had some serious fun!


I love that last one where the sprinkler is in focus and the girls are in the background! But those little legs and frilly bottom in the first one are hard to go past too!!

It sounds like a beautiful day. She is absolutely adorable in that polka dot swim suit and glasses too.

Super Cute! Love the sunglasses.

What a precious polka dot ruffle bottom!!! There's not much better than running through the sprinkler, I remember it well.

Love them all, but especially the first one!


I don't think there is anything cuter than a ruffled polka-dot bottom! =)

We live in a high-rise so no sprinklers for us, but we did go to the beach on Monday and took advantage of the wonderfully warm weather. :)

have a great week..
Love the photos..

These photos really tell a great story but that first shot is way too cute!

What amazing shots! I love days like these and cannot wait for a summer filled with them!

What a cutie, love ruffles!

It looks like you're really enjoying your spring break. Sprinklers are so much fun! My kids sometimes rather go in them than in our pool. :-)


Wow...the first sprinkler shot I've seen this year Love it.

So cute! Can't wait for swim suit weather up here!

Let summer begin!

Hee!! You had me at the title "sprinklers and polka dots" -- seriously, I started grinning the minute I read that and then all the cute photos, well, awesome.

Ahh sweet, sweet summer days! Love the ruffled bum and sprinkler. Have fun!!