04 March 2011

Friday, March 04, 2011 - 10 comments

A toddler makes life so much brighter

Thank you all SO very much for all your wonderful words, emails, calls and cards these last few days.  It has meant so much to me and my entire family.  My grandma was the center of our worlds and knowing that she is free of the pain she's endured for the last three months has been such a relief and your prayers and condolences have been such a blessing! Thank you!

Grief is a bizarre life process.  This week I've gone from crying mad to sobbing sadness and back again and am pretty sure I'll be doing this for a while.  Someday it will be easier to know that I can't call my grandma and hear her voice or feel her hug me and breathe in her scent.  Until then I'm riding the wave and just letting the grief work it's way through my soul and living in the moment and loving the memories from the past.

Today I picked up my camera and took a few shots of the best healer a person could ask for!  It's been two plus weeks since I've taken a picture.   It felt really good to be snapping away again and hello...this little face is adorable!!!  Besides being adorable, she's got a good dose of the flu, poor baby.  This marks our first time being sick, sick, sick and let me say she does not do sick very well.  :o  We grabbed some sunshine today for a some vitamin D and I couldn't resist grabbing the camera.

Enjoy your weekend and make the most of what life is throwing at you!  Love to all!


My deepest sympathies, Kayce. Knowing your Grandma is at peace must give you a lot of comfort.

Thinking and praying for you during this time of grief...so glad little miss J is there to bring a smile. :)

Poor sweetie. I hope your Cricket is feeling better soon.

Continuing to pray for you friend.

I've got some wonderful books to recommend to you in your season of grief, my friend. Heaven, by Randy Alcorn is a must read, and Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo is something your whole family will enjoy.

It's times like these that we must set our hearts on heavenly things. There is great comfort in developing a better understanding of what God has prepared for those that love Him.


So glad you have that sweet face to look at to help you heal!

Those pictures make me smile...
I know how you feel.. I still pick up the phone and want to call my Grandparents and tell them things..
I am not sure if it gets easier or you just learn to deal with it in a different way..
I am always here.. but I know that thinking of all the great memories helps me the most..
Love ya

Yes they do! She is such a doll and I can tell that you cherish her every day.

Hang in there my friend, it is never easy but know you are in our prayers for a sense of peace that can only come from Him. Hugs coming your way. I would imagine that sweet little face on the other end of your lens would definitely bring a smile even on the darkest days. Hope she is feeling better soon!

Hugs today. Just hugs for you...:)

May you find some joy in your sorrow. Love that you are taking photos again. That's important. Precious girl!

Alyzabeth's Mommy