09 March 2011

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Black and White Wednesday - Kitchen Memories

Visiting my grandparents house growing up and even as an adult, I always loved the little things my grandmother had in her kitchen, they seemed to be a comfort to all who spent time in her space.  In her kitchen there was a chair in which she sat during the early morning hours to enjoy a cup of coffee, play a round or two of solitaire and a lot of times that chair was occupied by a grandchild or son or daughter who would sit and share a story with her or just watch her work.   Her countertops were filled with things that will always remind me of her...a bottle of original Jergens lotion, a small dish with various vitamins, a message center filled with pens and post-it notes and handmade trinkets made from various children and grandchildren.  It was a simple kitchen but one filled with so much love.

Most days I could find her wearing her "house shirt", a red and white or blue and white checkered smock that became a standard in my life as she prepared breakfast, lunch or dinner, worked on laundry, worked a crossword puzzle or just held a grand baby in her arms.  The refrigerator adorned with a few little ladybug magnets, the serenity prayer and always sitting atop was her date cube.  I loved changing the date, but I had to be quick by either changing it late at night or getting up before my grandma had the chance to start a new day.  

Today that date cube sits at my kitchen window and greets me each morning now.  In the last 10 days I've looked at this simple calendar and the memories just flood in. All the wonderful times I spent in my grandma's kitchen wash over me and I stop for a minute and close my eyes and smile at the memories she's left me with.   In the last few days I've gone to the phone wanting to call her and laugh with her at some memory and then I remember she's gone...I laugh out loud at myself and know she's laughing right along with me from Heaven.  


Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories!

Such precious memories!!

Such a sweet memory! I love that you have something right there in the heart of your home to remind you of your darling grandmother every day.

So beautifully written Kayce.


I'm soooooooooo glad you have Grandma's little calendar cube!! I'll still going to be able to see it whenever I want!! xoxoxo,m

My grandma was a jergan's gal and wore those checked tops! made a memory list of the senses I had with my grandma smells, tastes, touches...but I had not thought of going room to room in grandmas home. I am going to start in the kitchen today. Thank you for sharing your memories. :-) Terri

What wonderful memories of your grandmother you have of times gone by. Your children are going to be so grateful that you are recounting them on your blog.


Beautiful memories of your dear grandma. Thank you for sharing so openly.

Those are really beautiful memories. You put them into words so well!

Erika B

What beautiful memories.....it's so wonderful that you have the date cube to spark them everyday!

beautiful post Kayce. It IS always the little things.

Much love to you,


You truly have a way of words when it comes to describing her. Now you can share and create new memories with your children and the date cube. What a special thing to have.

What wonderful memories of your grandma and your life together.

I know these last few weeks have been so difficult for you. YOu have been in my thoughts a lot....... Hopefully with each day that passes, your heart will heal a little more.

Love and Hugs~