14 February 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

she is adorable!


awww love the pictures! happy valentine's to you as well~!

Happy Valentine's Day! Don't you just love the fun, silly age our sweeties are at?!!

So very cute! And yes, plenty of silliness! Perfect for little girls!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


Love it... Happy Valentine's Day~



She's so so so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Girl!!!


Happy Valentines Day..
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for my card.. it made my day..

OMGosh what a perfect Valentine! Lucky you.

Love it! I hope you guys had a great day!

Have a wonderful day with your sweeties!

Could she get any cuter?! Her personality just pours out in her pictures. I love it!

LOL She is so adorable!!! Love this and love that giggle LOL

Dearest Beautiful Family...!!!!!
Thank You so much for sharing your life with me/us...!!!!!
We have been waiting for our baby girl for almost 4 years now and have more to go...
Our little boy from Ethiopia will finally be home by summer this year...
I was reading your blog and some others all night last night and I was sure I 'bookmarked' the page where someone wrote specific tips about what they wish they brought with them (clothes line, ziplock baggies etc.) and what was not necessary to bring, but I'm not very good at the computer and I can't seem to find it...
I was wondering if that was you, but even if it wasn't could you share with me what sort of things you wish you had brought that would have made your trip more comfortable....?
I cannot tell you what your story and AMAZING pictures have done to ease my heart and renew my faith that, yes, I will also be bringing my baby girl home one day...!!!!
Much Love,