16 February 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 18 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Cheesy!

It's been a little cheesy around here lately.  
When the camera comes out the girl just turns on the cheese big time!

How in the world can you turn that cheese down!  
It's too sweet and so adorable to hear her say the word....
The best part for me is seeing her smile for the camera and then hearing her say "see, see, see" after I snap...she runs up to me and wants to see what I captured. 
I could snap away all day!  Oh goodness I love this girl!  
Oh and her daddy makes my heart skip a beat or two too!  


Oh, that is just SO sweet! :) Z still does that sometimes --i.e., run up demanding to see the pics that I just took of her.

Your girl has such an irresistible smile! =)

The photos carry so much love and joy! great capture!

LOVE that big cheese! L did that for a while and I just recently read some of my old blog posts where she gave me that big cheesy smile. So cute!

LOVE that smile..
Love that cute little hat...
Have a great day..

I don't think I would be able to put the camera down either. She's adorable!!!

Long live the cheeeeessse. Total joy!!! Love it!

That is so adorable! Love it when they learn cheese.

She has an adorable smile!

Awwww the first one is so adorable! So much warmth & love in these photos! Happy Wednesday! xo

And what a delightful smile!!!!!
She's at a really fun age!



Oh, she is the cutest! Look at that little nose. My girls love digital too. The oldest thought I was joking when I tried to tell her about film and having to wait for it to be developed before you could see how it turned out. Pathetic in her world!

Erika B

How precious! She is absolutely adorable!

Seriously! How cute is she!!!!!!!! Love it!

wonderful that she actually will smile for the camera (we are still working on that with AA!). Happy B&W Wednesday!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

That's some squeezable cheese!!!!

nibbly cute cheese. god she is so cute.

LOVE her to pieces! Cutest baby!!! She is such a doll. :) I smile every time I see her.

gotta love that smile!