21 January 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011 - 12 comments

Laughter IS the best medicine

Just when I thought nothing could make me giggle like a little girl I got to witness this!

Oh my goodness my babies can do more for my soul than I ever could have imagined!!!  Being a momma to these two is like eating chocolate every minute of the day!!  YUM!  I think I''m gonna have to watch this happen all weekend!  Happy Friday!


Linhsey cracked up watching this video, or to put it in her words, " That cracked my brain out!" lol

Gotta love big brothers! Thanks for the smile :-)

That is really cute! :)

That is so precious! It must make your heart sing seeing your two children having so much fun together. Happy Friday to you too!

So freaking cute. God I just love her (and Jake too! :) Miss you guys!

OMG... that made me grin from ear to ear!!! And what a cool Mom you are to let them ride scooters in the house ;)

Thanks for the giggle!!

Oh my gosh Kayce! Too cute!! :) I would be watching that over and over again too! ahhh...life is just so precious! :)

Your boy is such a sweet young man, and his cricket is getting cuter and cuter ^^ Hohoho, seeing them having fun together is not only like eating chocolate, i think it is more like eating chocolate with sweets and ice creams and strawberries and cheese cakes.


That's too cute!!
It's sweet that they play together even though they aren't close in age =) I'm glad they keep you smiling!

That is THE BEST!! What fun to watch your kiddos having fun together. What age difference? They're both having fun beind kids!!

Thanks for the giggle!

That looks like so much fun! terri

SCREAM!!!!!!!!!! Kailahni just watched the video and said, "Ooohh..that's super fast!"