24 January 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011 - 6 comments


There is a lot going on right now in my life.  Yet I feel so centered.   I feel as though I'm in the center of this whirlwind of activity and I'm watching all of it just spin around and around yet I'm not spinning.  It's a new experience for me.  Usually when life is this crazy for me I tend to be in a complete state of chaos and unable to function but this time I'm feeling settled, organized and calm.   I kinda like it!  This is what's spinning in my head these days.....

Our house is in utter shambles right now and normally I would be a total nutcase having to deal with it.  The backyard is filled with piles of my old bathroom.  Our front yard is a muddy mess from the rains.  And my floors are just disgusting!  My OCD usually would be in major hyper mode right about now but it's not.  I'm just dealing with it and (hopefully) helping my amazing and wonderful husband not stress about what kind of mess he's leaving behind him for me as he works a way.   Yesterday I even set up my computer for him to listen to the football games on line while he was tiling away in our new bathroom.  You'd of thought he won the lottery when I did that for him.  I figure I might as well give my OCD the boot during this remodel and just deal and help instead of hinder.  And I am!  Life is too short to worry about the dirty floors.

Trying to let go.  There comes a time when you just have to let go and let God.  I have a very hard time doing that when it comes to my kids.  I want to make sure nothing happens to them and sometimes it means I over react or don't allow something to happen that they want to do.  Yeah I know I shouldn't, but I do.  I've always been the kind of parent that will allow my kids to do something when I know that I'll be okay if something bad were to happen, well I'm trying to open that part of my parental thought process a bit more.  And in doing this, I let Big J go surfing this past weekend.  For his first time.  He caught a wave and came home with a smile.  And now he wants a board and a wetsuit and a rack for his bike so I don't have to drive him.  :)  I'm still beyond full of fear but it's okay.  BUT WAIT!  Big J is also leaving Thursday for a ski trip with our church youth group.  And he's never been on skis or on a ski lift!!    Aghhhhh!!  I'm a nervous wreak but I'm trying oh so hard to just let go and let God!

Preparing for the twos!  We are very quickly approaching the twos around here and our little cricket is in full swing of tantrums and personality.  To be honest this is one of my favorite ages!  From about 2 to 5 are years full of so much fun!  And a little bit of snark!  The thing this time around for me is that I'm a bit older.  There I said it.  My body hurts and I do not feel 24 anymore!  Wow!  It doesn't help that my good friend the gym and I broke up last year.  Boohoo!  Well I'm desperate to rekindle my relationship with our gym because I am SO VERY inspired by this beautiful woman!  So I'm back at motivating myself by walking a few times a week and yesterday I did six miles!  WooooWHOOOOO!!  It's a great way to start my day and I feel really good by the time I'm done and little miss is done napping!   I'm a few weeks in but still haven't gotten back on the elliptical or hit the weights yet...soon.   But in the mean time I'm enjoying being outside and so is my walking partner.  :)

See I told you this was complete randomness....I'm just dumping my brain!  I'll finish up with the rest of my spinning thoughts in a single word instead of too long paragraphs....



Goodness, I don't know if I could deal with a house in shambles like that. Good for you for dealing with it the way you are!

Thank you so much for the shout-out. You are very sweet ;-)

Hi sweet friend!! I am so sorry I have not been here in such a long time.... Been thinking about you though. Sounds like you are handling things very well! OCD and I are such good friends my husband hates it!! HE is ADD so the 2 have a hard time getting along in harmony all the time! Such is life. Yes let go and let God is a favorite motto here too!

Jennifer is getting big and so cute! Has her favorite word turned into "No" yet? It is one of JJ's favorites!


love it..
Can't wait to see it all finished..

When will the bathroom be finished? Surfing, wow!

Let go and let God. I need to remember that more. I know J is only 6 now, but I know that I have to slowly learn to let go a little bit now and chill. Thanks for the reminder.

What a wonderful treat it will be when the remodel is complete!

J will have a ton of fun skiing! I only tried it a couple of times but still look back on those couple of days and lol at the fun we had!

I need to get inspired to walk more rather than use my 'walking partner' as an excuse. Will have to change that...and soon. Jogger strollers will roll over snow so I'm thinking after work walks should become a new part of our routine if only once or twice a week. thanks for your encouragement!