08 December 2010

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 - 21 comments

Black and White Wednesday - It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

This year Christmas is a gift in itself for me.  I want nothing because I have it all this year!  My wishes have come true.  My dreams have been fulfilled and Santa stuffed my stocking already!   You see this year for the first time in three years, Big J will be at our house for the holiday and that right there just makes the entire fact that we have our girl this year too that much sweeter!

The presents are wrapped and eagerly waiting to be opened.  There are festivities to partake in.  There is a fabulous Christmas dinner in the works.  We can't wait for the candlelight service at church.  The house is filled with the holiday spirit.  Christmas carols are the only music filling the air right now and it's simply beautiful!
Happy Wednesday!!  Hope everyone is enjoying your holiday activities and making the most of all that life is throwing at ya right now!  Be sure to check out more fabulous Black and Whites over at Lisa's blog.


These are great! I love them all.

the tree is beautiful and I love that the dog had to get in on the action!


They are simply beautiful together! Your tree looks great. We really must put up ours.

Erika B

Oh, she is just the most adorable little sweetheart!

How magical this all must be for her. :)

Love, love, love the photo of your son and daughter together from behind. So sweet! You truly are going to have the best Christmas ever!

We feel the exact same way in our household. Such blessings are in abundance this time of year.

I just caught up on some missed posts and noticed you just purchased a new Flip. I so wanted to get one of those. We only have one of the old "dinosaur" sized video cameras from back in the day. I only use my iPhone on occasion. I know I'm missing out on so many things that would be great to have on video. Do you love it? Which one did you purchase. I just might need to get myself another xmas gift for me! ;-)

Happy Wednesday!


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I've just stumbled across your blog, and my! how could i missed such a beautiful blog?! you have a gift Kayce, you string words together beautifully, and put into writings what most of us could only feel in our hearts. i love your blog!

Merry Christmas ^^

p/s: sorry i had to delete my earlier comment, as i've made some obvious mistakes in my writing, which i feel pretty embarassed.

Love pictures, how precious! I can't not wait until next year.

How precious is that sight?! So glad your every wish has come true. Enjoy all the holiday fun!!

These photos are so precious...aw, just adorable.

Your photos are beautiful!!! Perfect!!

We didn't hang ornaments on the tree in the family room because we thought that we would find them all over the house. After watching your video I think I will be pulling out the ornament box again. :o)

This is going to be an absolutely amazing Christmas, K!! No! This IS an amazing Christmas. I am enjoying every moment already!!

I'm so happy for you, that Big J will be able to spend every moment with his cricket!! How Exciting!!!!


Those are so sweet!

Beautiful photos, so glad things have gone so well for you.

Lovely photo of the Big Kid and the Little Kid :) Hope you have a beautiful and magical Christmas.

How cute!!

I've got a GIVEAWAY in the works come visit me! I need 100 followers before I can give away my surprise (retailed at $75)!

Love them all, but especially the last one of the two of them together! What a wonderful Christmas this year will be for your family, Kayce!


I think this will be The Best Christmas you've ever had. Yep...definitely!

love your christmas spirit! i wish so much i'd thought to video E decorating... she has a collection of about 7 christmas balls all in the same place (on 2 branches) of our tree. it's adorable. i love these photos of your kids together.

thanks for your comments on my site. julie, his vet, offered from day 1 to come to us and i haven't decided. he loves the clinic so much that he wouldn't be nervous about being there, and i am not sure about the memory of him leaving me here or E being witness to that. just lots of things to think about. one thing i do know, he will be in my lap...

this is so hard to even think about right now and i know you get that.

They are truly so precious together!!! Great shots!


That is So sweet kayce and I know just what you mean!! SO precious and bring on the videos!! I need a flip!!

That's it...I'm with Mardi..I have to get a Flip. I love seeing Jennifer in live action! Her hair is so beautiful...all shiny..and so much of it!