06 December 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010 - , 12 comments


Well I got a Flip and I can't put it down!  My sweet little purse camera had an okay video setting but it wasn't the Flip and then the poor camera broke!  So when there were some SWEET deals on black Friday, I couldn't resist!  And of course now I'll be adding (more than you may want to see) videos of my sweet little ones!

Here's our little crickets first time using chop sticks....this set of sticks was a gift YEARS ago and you can find them here to get a set for your own little one.  Auntie Sarah this one's for you!!


She's adorable!

She's just precious...love how she opens her mouth in anticipation way before the noodles get in there!

And awesome job with her 'more' sign. :)

How CUTE! I've seen those kiddie chopsticks before but don't have any. May try to get some sometime.

she is just too cute! I love the chopstick's! Lauren is a pro, in fact we just came home from having dinner together at a Chinese restaurant and we enjoyed our meal together using our stick's! :) I'm going to have to look into this Flip, I always say I should carry a camera with me wherever I go because there is always some moment I wish I could catch on tape. I just have an old flip cell phone, so no video, etc.

Enjoy your Flip! Look forward to seeing your video updates! :)

OMGosh! I just googled the Flip! How cool! How do I never know about these things! ;) Which one did you buy, the mino, ultra, or slide? This is on top of my wish list now! I'm going to have to go back and update Santa! :)

I love my Flip Video. OMGosh that video is PRECIOUS!

We love our Flip too. So easy and so much fun. Great work with the chopsticks!

And I thought she was cute in photos! But to see her in live action...so dang adorable. Post as my videos as you want. I love seeing these little kiddos. :)

Yes, the flip is a great little invention! She is adorable and catching on quickly with those sticks.

Flip is the best!!!! Great shots too!

HOLY HECK SHE'S CUTE!!! Who needs chop sticks when you can just grab the food and shove it in?!