20 November 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 6 comments


On Monday my little cricket and I got to spend the afternoon with my grandma, the crickets great-grandma whom we call grandma-grandma.  Before we came home from China I used to spend one day a week with my most treasured family member playing cards and just talking, now I'm lucky if I can get one hour a month with my grandma!  This woman is my hero and I cherish the time I get to spend with her.  After raising seven beautiful children, (my mom being the oldest and the only girl!) I love to listen to my grandma's wisdom and her wit.
This particular day we enjoyed the grounds of the property grandma-grandma lives at and found ourselves a little putting green to practice our golf game.  Little miss was in golf ball heaven and enjoyed every minute of the attention she was capturing!  And no I didn't plan that they both wore pink but oh they were the perfect match for some pics!
Yes, I posted this one again because I just love it so much.  The girls are looking at "Luna" the dog that was out for a walk.  
PS...can you tell I'm trying to figure out how to do a watermark...I'm not doing it right yet obviously!  I'll get it...someday! 

Even though our afternoon was quick and no one won at cut throat rummy, we had so much fun and the cricket was a ham.   I have to make a point to get back to my days with my grandma and get over the fact that our card games may have to wait for a few years or at least until we can teach lil' miss to hold cards.   Until then I think we'll just enjoy our visits and see what kind of trouble we can get into at "the home" as I lovingly call it.  ;o  Love you Grandma!  


"grandma grandma" is a beautiful lady.


LOVE Grandmothers..
Wish mine were here..
I hope that Isabella gets to meet my last living Grandmother.. she is AMAZING.. sooomuch of my Father in her..
Love Jennifers dress.. love the memories made in the photos..
love you all..

what sweet sweet pictures Kayce...I love these!!! email me and I will help you with the watermark if you like : )

They are both precious!!!

What a lovely post!

Love these! So cute!