10 November 2010

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Black and White Wednesday - Building Family

Bless this family brought together by Your goodness.
Watch over this home.
Guard those who dwell within.
Let their paths which started apart blend together 
into one road lightened by your Love.
Help this family who adopted each other to dwell together in joy.
Keep ever kindled the warmth of their loving home.
~Mary Tobin (San Francisco Examiner 1962-1977)

When asked why we wanted to adopt my answer is always the same..."because we wanted to add more to our family and this is the way we want to grow."  There is nothing more in life that makes me happier than to be surrounded by family and to give that to a child is priceless.  
Biological, step, adopted or whatever...family is everything in life.  

This picture is a moment that was captured where we were all just staring at this new joy in home, in fact this picture is pretty much what life is like around here...we just sit and stare with huge smiles on our faces at our daughter, our sister, our grand daughter, our cousin.  The adoption of our little cricket has changed every person in each our families in ways none of us knew could happen.  Life has taken on a new hue you could say and yes it can happen when a biological child is brought into a family, but a child brought into a family through adoption is life changing in a very positive way.  At least for our family.  

Many have asked us since our family has grown if we will do it again...of course it's asked with slight hesitation because all know of our trails and tribulations of the wait.  The answer, is a resounding yes.  Tomorrow, yesterday, next week, next month, last month...yes, yes, yes.  And the reaction is always the same..."you'd go through that wait again!!??  Are you nuts!"  For our cricket, yes in a heartbeat! but for our next family member God has different plans for us and we will wait for His timing to bring us together.   Whether our next wait is months or years, we know there is a very special child who longs for a family just as much as our family longs to bring him or her home.  I look forward to the day!

For more information on adoption you can check out the following links:

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What a beautiful post! I love your beautiful family photo.

Erika B

This really is wonderful...makes me smile.

What a beautiful post...lovely family photo.

Beautiful words to go along with a beautiful picture.

What a lovely family photo. The smiles on your faces say it all. :-)

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!


Too sweet, great shot! :D Thanks for the links.

What a nice family photo!


This is a touching post! And such an awesome family photo! :)

I love this post and the picture. so sweet!

You have been so blessed. What a beautiful family picture.

Wonderful shot, it is so loving!

Lovely photo :)

Thank´s for your cemment in my space. Wy don´t we ceep the contact. Then we can visit eatchother, and the traveling become more fun;)I put you in my friendlist on my personal blogg. You find it trough this fotoblogg.

What a beautiful prayer! Ever since I became a parent myself, I've had such respect for my own parents and for others who are parents like myself... but I have even higher regard for adoptive parents. I really do.

Love your beautiful family pic...and oh my what a beauty of a baby..I could take my gaze from her either..Beautiful Blessed Family

My heart did a little leap when I read your words. I love your resounding answer.

Beautiful family moment you captured.

This is such a beautiful family photo! So much warmer and honest than everyone staring at the camera. And the smiles are more honest too. Who couldn't smile looking at this sweet little girl on your lap!

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