07 November 2010

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Scripture & A Snapshot {Finding the Strength to Rest in His Arms}

Sometimes I find myself staring at this picture which hangs framed on my living room wall.  
My husband captured this moment during a sunny afternoon while camping in Oregon last summer.
I gaze at it in utter awe.  After nine months of cradling this child of God in my arms I am still amazed that He actually answered my prayers and so richly blessed our lives.   
I'm also humbled by His Grace.

I think back to the year prior to this photo and almost cry to think we were so close to walking away from this adoption.  After almost three years of waiting and longing to have our prayers answered, the emotional ups and downs of the wait, the questions of uncertainty, and the lack of patience to go any further, we were ready to walk away.  We spent weeks questioning ourselves.  We argued over who was going to call our agency.  We cried in pain at a loss we'd never even held.

Then one day I was sitting in my car in my driveway numb and so confused over what to do.   A song started playing on my iPod, "Show Me What I'm Looking For"  by Carolina Liar.  As the tears began to flow so did the answer inside me.  Let go and let God.  I'd always tried to control the adoption myself, yes I prayed about it but I never fully gave it to God.  That day I did.  My husband and I talked that night about our decision....walk away or give it to Him and wait to see no matter how much longer our wait would be.  

We walked the remainder of our wait with the strength knowing that this adoption was in His hands.
 The inner peace that came with that knowledge was overpowering and life changing.  

This is my first submission for Scripture and a Snapshot and while I knew exactly what scripture and picture I would use this week, I'm looking forward to the challenge of what I can come up with for next week!


What a BREATHTAKING photo of you and your precious Cricket!!

A very beautiful post for Orphans Sunday. We are both SO blessed to have our girls home and in our arms this year! <><


What a wonderful photo to go with this verse! I too have been blessed by adoption and love to see and hear about others who have experienced the blessing as well!

That is so beautiful. I watched my brother and sister in law go through the same. Now in the Lords good timing I have a little new little nephew and niece (siblings) who are bringing joy to my family.

Beautiful... and such a remonder that all things happen in God's time! What an amazing testimony to share.

This is absolutely beautiful! And such a testament to God's loving nature. You trusted in Him through a tough period and He rewarded you beyond measure! Thank you for sharing your heart with us all!

I can't imagine waiting 4+ years for a referral. Some friends of ours waited almost 4 years and also almost decided to stop waiting. We had decided from the beginning to go with the special needs process and we will again. Even in our first process I could see God working and He gave us the daughter that was meant for us. And He'll give us the son we were meant to have, too, -- in time.


I;m so touched by your words...that photo is very powerful. I speaks volume on love, motherhood, and God's faithful providence. Thank you for sharing this your heart here in your such precious post. This photo is really worth hanging on the wall!

Lovely...both the photo and your story of God's faithfulness!

So very powerful. I love your photo and your scripture.

So beautiful! And I just love that verse!

how moving, both story and selection. God is good all the time.

This is such a wonderful post and a moving story.

The song came to my mind as I read your words - I will worship while I'm waiting. Thank you for sharing your story. Joining you at Katie's.

Yours is a beautiful testimony to what God can do when we step back and let Him be Lord in our lives.

Such a beautiful post and a reminder of God's perfect timing.

Precious! Praise the Lord for His wonderful provision!

What a stunning photo and perfect passage. I can only imagine the challenge of waiting for a child - it is because of your patience and love that you were ready when he delivered.

What a sweet post! I love, love, love this picture! You are one blessed mama!

what a sweet and beautiful post...I love that picture : ) so beautiful.

So precious....she is loved! So glad God answered your prayer with that precious bundle!

I love the feeling of complete surrender to contentment captured in this photo.

what a beautiful story! It's so difficult sometimes to fully accept God's will over our own will, and to remember to put things fully in His control, even though we know he knows best!

I'm so happy that adoption worked out for you! My family has also been blessed by adoption - both my brother's family and my sister's adopted babies, and I know what a long hard road it is, and what a blessing - though admittedly not firsthand.

thanks again for coming over to my blog!

Awe. What a lovely post and photo.

Love this post and what a precious picture your husband captured! I remember having some of these similar discussion between Dan and I during the wait and as I look at Lauren, I am soo thankful I trusted God during the times of doubt. What an amazing miracle our journey's have been to our girls...

Today I'm having a particularly rough day with this wait. And this is exactly what I needed to hear.

I love this. You are amazing!

It is when you give it up you get so much in return. Beautiful pic love the quote and can't wait for the next one.

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had one so good!! Send your husband over here! haha