11 October 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010 - , 8 comments

Full of sweet moments

This weekend seemed to be filled with those moments when I say, "oh I've dreamed of this for so many years and here it is happening!"  When those moments happen I am instantly filled with an intense joy and my heart swells to overflowing and of course those happy, happy tears.

Saturday we went for a nice bike ride through San Jose and stopped for some play time at a park that I'd once been to for an adoption picnic so many years ago.  That day so long ago I remember dreaming of being here again with my daughter and watching her play and enjoy the park grounds, which are beautiful and massive!  I wasn't disappointed at all, well except for the fact that I forgot the camera....gerrrr!  I know I'll be back and of course the memory of the day is engrained in my brain and heart now.   Sweet moments.

Big J and his cricket
On Sunday after church we headed to my nephews birthday party for a good time and of course some cake!  Within moments of getting there I was struck with a total sense of deja vu and again a quiet moment of reflection and a tear or two.  Just one year ago we were in the final months of waiting and the rumors were wild and crazy and filled with hope.  Conversation at the party was full of "when", " how long has it been" and of course, "you're still waiting??".  Our nerves were frayed and yet both Mike and I were so hopeful that by our nephew's next birthday there would be a new family member singing "Happy Birthday!".  That moment came true today and it was a sweet moment watching our girl try to sing along with the party.

First time with balloons!
My nephew who thinks Big J is superman!
Grandma and her girl
So when we sat at the same table and the same people surrounded each other, it was as though the long wait had never happened for us.  It was a first for all of us and one filled with joy and grace, a moment we've all dreamed of.  Singing my nephew happy birthday couldn't have been any sweeter, especially when he looked up at he holding his cousin in my arms and smiled.   SO, so sweet!

And then the weekend came to an end with an arm full of sweet, sweet bliss!  Oh I can't wait for that next moment of thinking back to where we were and absorbing exactly where we are at right now and there are many of them coming in the months ahead!


Such a heartwarming post. I've been there...I've felt it... Still do at times. Cherish it!

Jennifer is a girl .... she's still adorable.

Tears of joy for you my friend! Happy tears as you experience all these same things as if they were brand new. In many ways they are as now you get to experience them through the eyes of your child.

What wonderful moments, sounds like a great weekend.

very sweet post my friend.

I am also struck by the fact that it gave me hope.


What a beautiful post, and you helped me to remember what it was like for us when we had been home with Grace less than a year. Enjoy all these special moments!!!



I wish I'd known you were over the hill -- we would have stopped by to deliver hugs and lemonade to fuel your bike ride. TubaDad was away playing a symphony and the girls and I were just hanging out.

See you soon!!