08 October 2010

Friday, October 08, 2010 - 4 comments

Ear infections can't knock me down!

It's been a little crazy around here lately and I feel as though I'm completely ignoring my space here to write down memories, moments and milestones.  I'm not sure if it's that I am in a writing slump of sorts or if it's just the time of year when I'm outside more and inside less.  Maybe it's a little of both.

Last weekend I went on my first "Me" weekend with some girlfriends and had a wonderful time attending the Joyce Meyer California conference.  Daddy and the cricket had a fabulous weekend doing all things mommy doesn't and my worries were mute as little miss had no worries with me gone.  I had a much needed break and got a much more needed spiritual fill up!  I've also been feeling pretty lousy this last month or more and I finally went to the doctor only to discover I've got a double ear infection!  I've been absolutely exhausted but have just put that as being a busy mom.  Day three on antibiotics and I'm now wondering how in the world I've been functioning!!  Been a bit busy I guess to pay attention...lesson learned!

Big J is busy with school and is constantly nose to book, pencil to paper and it must be paying off since he's got all A's right now and one C...that darn geometry!   He is getting ready to head up to camp next weekend for his service work project.  He's so stoked to be able to go again! Beside studying and working, he's busy hanging with friends at bible study, football games, youth group or at some mall somewhere!  Life is good!
He who does not love life,
To him life is a taut  
And rigid grasp.  
He who loves life, 
To him life is a beautiful 
And powerful clasp. 
~ Sri Chinmoy

Little Miss is BUSY!!!  As we slip into bed at night we are exhausted!  I don't think I've mentioned that she's now walking NON STOP!  I haven't had a chance to do her 17 month update so I'll have to do a combo one for 17/18 in the next few weeks if I can remember! :)  She is just pure joy with a little temper thrown in for good measure!  There is never a dull day around here with her and it's so hard to believe that it's been eight months on Monday that we've been home together!  EIGHT MONTHS! Wow!  Time is so precious with her and I am soaking it up!  So much has changed in her and so much as changed in me because of her!  What an incredible gift from God she is!

I've also been horrible about getting the camera out, but next week that's about to change!  I'm taking the kidos to a fun spot for a little momma photo overload and I CAN NOT wait!   The backdrop is fabulously fun so now I just need the perfect weather and light!  Maybe I'll have a few good ones to share soon.  Our weekend is full with good times and baseball playoffs!  GO Giants!!!!!!

Hope your weekend is a blessed one!  Happy Friday!


Hope you're feeling better soon and have a wonderful weekend.

Joyce Meyer, very cool. I have always thought she was very inspiring.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

And, that picture of you little cutie is awesome.


Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. The photo of Jennifer is so cute! I love her precious little toes. :-)

terri in az

I'm impressed that you're blogging at all. I haven't touched my blog in a long time. Life moves way too fast sometimes.

Love the tutu!!!!!